Archiving People Things To Know

Overview: When you opt to archive individuals, some changes will take place in your Breeze account.  Here is a list of things to note when thinking about archived people. 


  • # of ‘People Found’ will be adjusted

  • No longer appears in search results

  • Not included in ‘action panel’ task such as bulk email, text and export

  • Advanced filter ‘include archived’ allows ‘action panel’ tasks such as bulk email, text and export


  • No longer appears in tag listing

  • Tag assignments are retained in archived profile for historical records


  • Will appear in attendance history

  • Allows ‘action panel’ tasks such as bulk email, text and export


  • Year-end statements will be sent to archived people

  • Contribution detail will remain in all searches/reports with archived persons name appearing

  • Allows ‘action panel’ tasks such as bulk email, text and export

  • Envelope number needs to be deleted separately when archiving someone

  • Envelope number needs to be added back in when un-archiving someone

  • Contribution associations will remain tied to a profile even if archived


  • Person and pledge remain in the campaign, however the contributions towards pledge will no longer be noted.


  • The Merge People function will not search through Archived. When you are trying to add a new person (via check in, "add person" button on People tab, or through forms), it will check the archive at that point. 

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  • I am updating membership records in Breeze and noticed that there isn't any field that identifies a record as Archived.  So if I am looking at a record in Breeze, or in an export file, there is nothing to identify it as archived.  Is there a field I am missing?   Thanks!

  • @office

    This is expected behavior. A truly archived profile within Breeze would not and should not appear in any searched report. This is a part of the purpose of archiving individuals in Breeze. There is a way to search Archived profiles -- See here: 

    I hope this helps!

  • I am using the People page to display all People, using the Other/Archived/Include Both option, so I can see everyone in the Breeze database at one time. While doing my membership updates from this list, I cannot tell when I click on someone's name if they are already Archived or not. Is there a way to tell? I have found you can Archive people that are already Archived, over and over because no message appears stating this person is already Archived, and there is no way to tell by looking at the person's Profile page that they are already Archived. Can something be added as a visual aid to know when you are looking at a Profile page of someone that is already Archived?

  • @office

    Great question! We certainly understand how this feature could be useful for you. I would highly recommend submitting a Feature Request so that you can voice this to our Developers. Click here: Submitting Feature Requests

    Let us know if there anything else that we can do to serve you!

  • When I archive a person (say, because they no longer attend), can they still access their Breeze account? Or is that username/password deactivated?

  • Great question @meggietriggs! When you archive a profile, that will not delete their user, so they would still be able to log on to their member access account and view what they have permission to see. You'll want to remove their access completely by deleting their user: 

    Hope that helps!

  • When I send out batch emails, someone I've archived is still receiving them.  Is there something further I need to do? Thanks.

  • Hi @Meganharding,

    Archived individuals shouldn't receive emails unless perhaps it was a contribution statement under their name. I'd be happy to dig into this specifically with you though. Be on the lookout for an email from me!