Filtering: Profile Fields vs. Tags

Overview: The difference between search logics when filtering by tags vs profile fields.  One will yield in "AND" results while the other gives you "OR" results. Profile fields require that all criteria is met, while tags require that only one filter needs to fit.

Profile Fields vs. Tags: How to make the choice

One difference between tags and profile fields is in how they work when filtering.

  • Profile Fields use "AND" logic; individuals have to meet all the criteria or it will not included in the output

  • Tags use "OR" logic; individuals need to be in at least one of the tags selected to be including in the output

A closer look at profile fields and "AND" logic

Filtering for people using profile fields under People > Show More Filter Options uses "AND" logic.

In other words, it is looking for where all the criteria are true at the same time (the intersection of all the data).

The easiest way to visualize this is with a Venn Diagram:


In this illustration, the blue region is the area that would be included by "AND" logic. It contains Profile Field 1 AND Profile Field 2.

Here's a more practical example in Breeze terms:


In this search, we are looking for people who are male AND members AND married. They have to be all three to be included.


Again, the blue is what you will get in the output.

As another example, let's try this advanced search:

  • First name: Ashley

  • Birthday: In September

  • Anniversary: In October

  • Deceased: 12/25/0037

Doing this search would bring up only people named Ashley who were born in September, got married in October, and died on Christmas in A.D. 37. Likely a relatively small group.

A closer look at tags and "OR" logic

Any time that you select multiple tags, you are using "OR" logic. This means that it can be in one tag OR the other tag. It can also be in both.

This applies to:

  • People > Show More Filter Options > Filtering by tags.

  • Under role permissions, People > Only Access Certain People > People In Tags

  • Any other place you use multiple tags.

You can also visualize this with a Venn diagram:


In this example, your search will return everyone in Tag 1 OR Tag 2 OR Tag 3. Notice that people are included whether they are in the intersection or not. Anybody that's not in any one of the tags will not show up in the output, illustrated by the white space around the tags.

Here's a more practical example in Breeze terms:


The output for this search will show anyone who is in the Biking Group OR John's Group OR Mom's Group.

A person only needs to be in one or more of the tags to be included in the output.


Thus, the output will include anyone who is in at least one of the tags. The Unwashed Masses will be left out.

Honorable mention

Filtering across multiple profile fields will result in an "AND" search, while filtering within a single profile field will result in an "OR" search. 


I want to know everyone who is either the Head of Household OR Spouse.  Because they are in the same profile field, checking both boxes will give me the "OR" logic.


Putting it all together

If you filter for Male, Member, Married, Tags: Bacon Study Group, John's Group, Mom's Group, you will only get males who are both members and married who are in the Bacon Study Group OR John's Group OR Mom's Group.

Record Visibility Perspective:

Use TAGS to easily see groups of people

Use PROFILE FIELDS to record information about a person

Permissions Perspective

Use TAGS when hiding that group of people to some users will be important (visitors, inactive people, etc)

Use PROFILE FIELDS when hiding a specific piece of information is important

Additional Notes to Groups Management

TAGS are best for static groups. A set list of people who participate.

PROFILE FIELDS are best for dynamic groups of all eligible people within a set of distinctions (all females, ages 18-25, who are single)

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  • What about NOT logic?  Can I find all the people who do not have a tag or field?  (In the case where we have a handful of people who opt out of something, it's easier to flag the few than it is the many.)

  • never mind ... must have been blind.  Now I see the Does Not Contain option

  • Hey @bonnie

    No worries! It's happened to me several times, it's easy to do. That is great news, you found it. Please let us know if there is any additional support we can offer.

    Happy Breezing.

  • How can I filter for people whose marital status is married, but their sacraments field of "married" is blank?

  • Hi @lindahankins60! Great question!

    There is a workaround to figure out whose information is blank in the Sacraments profile Field. You would need to 1) Go to People, 2) Choose the dropdown beside Marital Status and Choose Married to generate a list of those who are married, 3) Choose Export from the right side of the People section, 4) Choose Excel in the Format box, 5)Choose the Pencil Icon on the bottom left of the Export box, 6) Choose Custom Template in the Include box, 7) Choose every Profile Field that you would like to see in the spreadsheet that you wish to download (Name, Marital Status, & Sacrament Field), 8)Choose Download at the bottom right.

    Following the above instructions will give you a list of all of your married members and will show you if their Sacrament field is blank. You can choose to Update People in More>Tasks if you would like to do a bulk update of information in fields that are blank.

    Happy Breezing!

  • We have 4 membership classes that are required for membership.  I would like to know the best way to automatically assign either tags of profile fields to those who check in at each class.  I cannot figure out how to do this so that I can see when someone has completed all 4 classes.

  • Hey agapecf19!

    I believe this will be most helpful to you for assigning tags based off profile fields: Breeze Recommended Most Helpful Automated Tasks You Can Use! 

    If this does not fully answer your question, please reach out to our team via phone or email!

    We're available 9-6 Eastern Time at 888-320-6030. Feel free to ask for me or any of our Breeze Advisors. We are all experts in this area.


  • We're moving our church to a gifts based ministry and volunteer management system. Our pastor would like to be able to search for people who have the gift of discernment AND teaching (for example). What would be the best way to do this? He doesn't want to see a group of people who have one of those gifts of the other. He wants to see the subset of people who have both. I thought I had struck on it when I made it a profile field instead of a tag, but it didn't work because it would all be within a single profile field. Is there a way to make this happen? 

  • @rachel

    Thanks for reaching out to the forum! As you stated, the Boolean logic within Breeze is set to an "OR" Logic for profile fields within a single/same category. The only way to get an "AND" Logic would be for the options to be in separate categories. 


    I hope that this has been helpful! Please let us know how we can continue to assist.

  • What I find missing is the ability to say "filter people who have both tags A and B. A and not B are possible, but not A and B.

    I know I could achieve that effect by creating a temporary NotWhatIWanted tag, then assigning that tag to everyone that isn't A or isn't B (separate steps), the filtering on everyone who isn't NotWhatIWanted.  [ (A & B) == !(!A & !B) ]  But that would have to be recreated on each use.

    OK, what I'd really want is some kind of general expression syntax where you could do something like (profile X AND tag A) OR (profile Y AND tag B), but don't expect that anytime soon.

    On the other hand, I just noticed a pointer to smart tags. I suppose I might be able to turn NotWhatIWanted into a smart tag?  Hmm.

    Maybe just smart NotA and NotB tags would kind of work.

  • @daw30410

    Great feedback here! Submitting this as a Feature request would be incredible beneficial to us knowing what our customers needs are. Click here: Submitting Feature Requests


  • This page was so helpful! Thank you for taking the time to explain! Your descriptive help articles are one reason we love Breeze!

  • @operations!

    Thank you for the kind words! We are thrilled that you love Breeze and that you are a part of the Breeze family. 


  • Is there a way to search on a date field so that you can find out whose background check is more than 5 years old? I could only see up to 90 days in the choices.

  • Hey @okolonacoc! Great question here! As it turns out, there's not a super Breezy way of doing this within the "Search More Filter Options." This can be done super quickly if you export to Excel and then sort the data by that Date column. 

    Hope this helps!

  • Has there been any update on whether it is possible to filter tags using AND logic?

  • Hi @mandrous15,

    There have not been any recent changes to our AND/OR logic here. I'm sorry if that isn't helpful!

    If you're looking to apply AND logic to some of your tags, a Breeze best practice is to export that data to an Excel spreadsheet and customize the export to only include tags. This should help give you a quick visual of the people who are in multiple tags. Check out the short GIF below!

    I hope that helps! If this does not fully answer your question, please reach out to our team via phone or email!

    We're available 9-6 Eastern Time at 888-320-6030. Feel free to ask for me or any of our Breeze Advisors. We are all experts in this area.

  • Hi Alex,

    Thanks for your response! Is there a way I can request this feature? It's the one thing that's preventing me and my team from jumping on Breeze, and it's a very common feature in most other Church Database Systems. I really LOVE the platform so far- especially because it's clean and simple, and doesn't seem like a mountain of spaghetti code behind the scenes. I hope we can end up using it 🙂 

  • @mandrous15

    Hello! Stephen here, coming alongside Alex on this one.  There is a slight work around that could be useful here, but it requires a more thorough explanation. See here: 

    We also would love for you to submit a feature request so that your needs can be heard by the right team! Your input could lead to further product changes within Breeze! Click here: Submitting Feature Requests

    If there's anything else that we can do to help serve you, please let us know!

  • Hey Stephen,

    Workaround totally makes sense- I hadn't thought about using profile fields that way! I've also gone ahead and submitted a feature request regardless.

    Thanks for the reply!

  • I would like to search for records that has no birthday. How can I do that?  TIA.

  • @Melody

    That is a great question!

    There is a workaround to be able to search for people that have no birthdays! Check out this article: 

    - Create two tags. People with Date. People without Date. 
    - Go to the People tab in Breeze and select "Show More Filter Options"
    - Select the date field that you would like to search for and press the "Date" option.
    - Make sure Month, Day, and Year are set to "Any" (This will pull everyone who has a date on their profile).                       
    - On the Action Panel, select More Actions > Assign To Tags. Assign to a tag that already exists or create a new one and add them to that tag.
    - Go to People > Show More Filter Options > Tags > Does Not Contain and select the tag that you just added the people to.

    Now you will have a list of those without a date field in your database! Happy Breezing!