Filtering: Profile Fields vs. Tags

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    What about NOT logic?  Can I find all the people who do not have a tag or field?  (In the case where we have a handful of people who opt out of something, it's easier to flag the few than it is the many.)

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    never mind ... must have been blind.  Now I see the Does Not Contain option

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    Emily W.

    Hey @bonnie

    No worries! It's happened to me several times, it's easy to do. That is great news, you found it. Please let us know if there is any additional support we can offer.

    Happy Breezing.

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    How can I filter for people whose marital status is married, but their sacraments field of "married" is blank?

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    Laura S

    Hi @lindahankins60! Great question!

    There is a workaround to figure out whose information is blank in the Sacraments profile Field. You would need to 1) Go to People, 2) Choose the dropdown beside Marital Status and Choose Married to generate a list of those who are married, 3) Choose Export from the right side of the People section, 4) Choose Excel in the Format box, 5)Choose the Pencil Icon on the bottom left of the Export box, 6) Choose Custom Template in the Include box, 7) Choose every Profile Field that you would like to see in the spreadsheet that you wish to download (Name, Marital Status, & Sacrament Field), 8)Choose Download at the bottom right.

    Following the above instructions will give you a list of all of your married members and will show you if their Sacrament field is blank. You can choose to Update People in More>Tasks if you would like to do a bulk update of information in fields that are blank.

    Happy Breezing!

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