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    I would like to be able to select people on file based on if they have made any contributions or not.  Can you help me with this?  



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    Hey Lynn - you can do this from the "contributions reports" area.  Go to More > Contributions > Reports.  Then select your date field and click on the little graph icon right below that and one of the charts you'll see is "givers vs non-givers grouped by family".  If you click on either of those bars on the bar graph you'll have a list generated.  Just note that the search is only looking at the date parameters that you gave.  For instance, if you only looked at the dates July 1 and after, anyone who gave before that and has not given since will appear as a "non-giver". 

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    is there a way to filter out notes with certain content? I.e. search notes that contain a date or key word? Not the notes that we make in the profile sections but rather the notes that are added at the left hand side of a profile. Thanks

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    Hey Chris - The notes section cannot be sorted/filtered.  Our recommendation is to use profile fields for notes instead of the one in the lefthand side if you want to be able to sort/filter messages.

    Alternatively you can export all the notes by going to More > Account Settings > Export > Notes.  Then they will export into an excel document from which you can sort. 

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    Which operator should I use to combine multiple search criteria within a single profile field? e.g. In LAST NAME field, search for people with last names beginning with...
    • The letters A - D?
    • The letters B, G, and T?

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    Emily W.

    Hi webmaster, 


    Great question! Currently at this time, you can only search last name field beginning with one letter at a time. You can also use Asterisk(*) + Text = Treats the asterisk as a wildcard. For instance, you could search for all people with a last name starting with "Sm" by searching the last name field for "Sm*". Conversely, you could search for all people with a last name ending with "son" by searching the last name field for "*son".

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    I'd like to  know if there is a way to search for everyone added in the last six months (for example) without putting in new dates each time I search. Is there some way to do that automatically? That way when I save the search and reuse it, I don't have to change the dates each time but, rather, it automatically looks for anyone added in the six months before that date.


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    Emily W.

    Hi Lauriee!

    Absolutely! You can use our custom save search for this. Here is a great resource that will be most helpful:

     Using Custom Saved Searches

    To search for added date, simply use the advanced search on the right of the People tab, scroll down to "Other" and then select the "Added Date". Then follow the steps in the custom saved search article to help you save your search.

    Happy Breezing!


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    Can you tell me more about this keyboard shortcut, how to enter it and how to use it?

    1 You can jump immediately to this field using the keyboard shortcut "/".

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    Emily W.

    Hi Ellen!

    That shortcut simply allows you to jump to this field here:

    So that you can use the simple search to find a person, tag or event quickly. Select Dashboard  <  /  and you will notice that it will automatically allow you to start typing a name in that field. 

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    Can we search for everyone that has NOT attended an event in the past 6 months or even this calendar year? This would allow us to create a quick list of people who to be archived - making our check-in lists shorter and streamlining our processes

    Thanks - Jeff Jaco

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    Emily W.

    Hi Jeff! 


    To run this report simply navigate to Events<Select the event<View Details<Reports<Enter Criteria<Select Attendance<Missed<The Last<6weeks

    Here is a great resource that will be most helpful in generating attendance reports: Creating Attendance Reports

    Hope this is helpful! :) 

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