Searching People

View People

  1. Select the "People" tab from the top left.
  2. Click the person from the list you wish to view.
You can also hover your mouse cursor over the image of a person to view basic contact information without needing to open their profile.

Simple Search

To perform a simple search:

  1. Select the "People" tab from the top left.
  2. Type the name of the person in the field on the left.
  3. The results will automatically display on the right
Another way to perform a simple search:
  1. Type the name of the person in the search box on the top.1
  2. Select the person's name from the list that drops down.2
1 You can jump immediately to this field using the keyboard shortcut "/".
2 The person can be selected using the mouse or the arrow keys and enter button.

Advanced Search

  1. Select the "People" tab from the top left.
  2. On the left, click "Show More Filter Options."
  3. Select all of the criteria you would like to filter by. Results will show up on the right.

For additional functionality, you can use the following characters for special text searches:

  • Asterisk (*) = Searches for everyone who has any data in this field.
  • Exclamation Mark (!) = Searches for everyone who has no data in this field.
  • Asterisk(*) + Text = Treats the asterisk as a wildcard. For instance, you could search for all people with a last name starting with "Sm" by searching the last name field for "Sm*"
  • Conversely, you could search for all people with a last name ending with "son" by searching the last name field for "*son". 
  • Surrounding Double Quotes = searches text field for that exact value (e.g. searching "ball" will only return ball, not basketball or softball).
  • A great way for you to check on a Status Field that is not yet assigned would be to check the "unassigned" checkbox to find who needs to be updated. This will show up as an option in the Profile Fields but is a Breeze option for searching for fields like Gender and Status. 

Here is an example of searching for everyone in the database without an email address (using the "!") and then again with an email address (using the "*"):

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  • Hi @lifeinchristtreasure!

    If you have them grouped by tags, then you can filter by that way. If this is marked in their profile you can also run a search for this as well. 

    You would use the advance search:

    1. Select the "People" tab from the top right.
    2. On the left, click "Show More Filter Options."
    3. Select all of the criteria you would like to filter by. Results will show up on the right.

    If you are searching for this particular group based off a tag or profile, you can search in the contribution section as well.

    Printing or emailing a giving statement based on a filter allows more control over what appears on the giving statement. Users can filter by fund, amount, or any other criteria, and only contributions that match the filter will be used when creating the statement.

    1. Get contribution reports for the contributions you'd like to include in the giving statement.
    2. Filter by people and choose your criteria:



    1. Towards the upper right of the screen, find the "Download as Excel" button and click the arrow just to the right of it.
    2. Select "Print Statement" from the dropdown list and then click the "Print Statement" button.

    If you need any additional help, please reach out to our Support team via phone or by email. We are happy to serve!

  • Is there a way to control the logic of filters? I am trying to filter for members who "Contains" TAGA AND TAGB AND (NOT TAGC). If I click on these three Tags it appears the logic is (TAGA OR TAGB) AND NOT TAGC. For example TAGA AND (NOT TAGC) returns 153 people but when I click on TAGB as well the number increases to 229 when I want it to remain the same or go down.

  • Hey @webadmin - great question on the search logic for Tags. You're right, Tag filtering is an "or" logic, while filtering by Profile Fields utilizes an "and' logic. Check out this helpful article called Filtering Profile Fields v. Tags.

    In this particular situation, you might consider creating some profile fields to match "Tag A" and "Tag B" and then run a search to look for Profile A and Profile B but "Not Tag C." Check out these two resources for more information as well - and don't hesitate to reach out to us directly if more guidance is needed! We would be happy to serve!
    Creating Profile Fields
    Update People (use this to bulk update people to match certain Tags)
    Happy Breezing!

  • Hi, I guess advanced search doe not work in the mobile App?
    I cannot see a option for this.

  • Hey @philip!

    Great question! Happy to help. There is an advanced search in the App. Navigate to People<Right corner next to the + icon you will see another icon. This is the filter icon and is used for the advanced search tool within the app.

    Hope this is most helpful.

    Happy Breezing!


  • It appears the only way to search for a person by email is to use the filters. Is this right?

    Also using "Check In" is there any way to search by email?

  • @sraisz Yes when wanting to search by email (or any profile field other than a name) you will want to run an advanced search by using the "show more filter options" and then navigating to the email profile field and input the email address. 

    There is not a way to search by email at Check-In, that is not a current feature. You can search by name or phone number. 

  • How about if I want to create a search that is:

    Obtain members who are:

    profile field = visitors OR Tag= Visitor.

  • @jocleynpalford

    Great question! The Boolean logic within breeze qualifies data within the same category as an "OR" logic.

    Conversely, breeze qualifies data within different categories as an "AND" logic. Which means, you wouldn't be able to search "visitor" status OR Visitor Tag because they are in different categories. 

    My suggestion for you here, would be for you to create a smart Tag that connects anyone with the "Visitor" status to the Visitor Tag! This is an automated process that happens within Breeze every hour! See here: Using Smart Tags



  • Is there a way to do a search by givings? For instance, I want to print labels for people who have given at $100 this past year.  Is that possible?

  • @office

    Yes! Simply do your Contributions Search, then click the "Person" button beneath the Date Range. This will pull up each of the individuals reported from the search with the Action Panel that allows you to Export to Mailing Labels. 


    And VOILA! If you have any additional questions, please let us know!

  • Is there another way to search for everyone who has no data in a field? I see the potential use of the "!" mentioned above, but that doesn't seem to work in fields that only have a dropdown menu as choices. For example, I am trying to pull everyone who does not have a graduation year in our system. Or everyone who doesn't have a birthdate in the system. I am unable to use the "!" in those specific search boxes.

  • @frontoffice

    Great observation here! You are correct that you will not be able to use the (*) or (!) functions with Dates in the advanced filter search. Because of this, the primary way you would get this information is via Excel export. You could then Sort the column to see the empty Cells in the column!

  • I'd like to search for everyone who joined before a certain date - e.g. those who have been members for more than 25 years. How can I do this?

  • I added profile fields as dates for baptism and membership. They show up in the filter and you can do a date range, date or relative. (relative would be like in the last 30 days or the last year....etc)

  • This sounds good. But all I see is a field to put in a date. Can you explain to me how to do a range? (and relative too)

  • If the date field was setup in "Profile Fields" as a "Date" option then in the People section under "Show More Filter Options" and the filter, you should see the options for "Range, Date [and], Relative" 

    See attached images. 

    Under Profile Fields


    Under "Show More Filter Options" and Searching by the filter. 

  • Very helpful. It seems we were set up with "Value" in what should be Date fields. Could be work to adjust, but worth it.

    At least I now understand the problem.

  • Does anyone have an idea on how to transfer over "values" into date fields? 

    Probably a lot of typing, but I thought I'd ask, just in case. 

    e.g. put in excel sheet and then upload/update from excel?

    find some elves with typing skills?

  • So first go into >More >Profile Fields and setup your Date Value  (for the meantime I'd make the field the same name as the first field you have just add a 2; you'll see why later on. So in my screenshot in the last message it would be "Received into membership 2" 

    Once you do that, save. 

    Then go back to Breeze and go to >More >Tasks > Update People

    Download the template file. 

    Open the file and delete all of the information except for Breeze ID, First Name, Last Name, and the field that has the string text dates and your new field ending in "2" Make sure you do not change the headers of any columns that you are keeping. 

    Copy over the dates from the string to the date value. Bulk copy/paste.

    Save the document. 

    Then go back to Breeze and go to >More >Tasks > Update People 

    Then import updated people 

    Now you have the dates in the new value type.


  • @maryinvancouver This article may be helpful as it walks you through how to do a bulk update:

  • How do I delete a search that is not a saved search? 

  • Hey @kjarpin1,

    Thanks for reaching out!  I'm going to respond via email.

    Stay Breezy, 


  • The previous admin had made some children have the status of "member" when they shouldn't have a status in our DB. Is there anyway to clear this field? The only option at the moment is to choose another status. Thanks!

  • Hey @mmcmullen! Great question here! My recommendation would be...

    1. Take all the children with that status of "member" and select them in People.
    2. Use the Action Panel on the right-hand side hit "More Actions" and then select "Update People."
    3. Select the field to Update "Status" → don't select any options → Update.

    Hope that helps!

  • Hi,
    I want to search for two people, as an example Mark and John.
    How can I search for these two names at only?
    You must know that we have 2100 members. So it is difficult to scroll to the entire list of members and select two or three names. Therefore it would be great if we can make a selection, then Breeze remembers this, and I select a different member so I have now two selections.

  • @philip

    Thanks for taking a moment to reach out to us today! We certainly understand your concern here and how the current functionality doesn't support what you were trying to do. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you. I would highly recommend submitting a feature request for this: Submitting Feature Requests

    Please let us know how we can continue to serve you!

  • Hello - It seems like when you are associating or searching for names that the maiden name is not being considered. Is this correct? And if so can it be changed? We have several women who have registered with their married name but use their maiden name regularly with credit cards, emails, etc. 

    Thanks for you feedback!

  • Hi @skaraba!

    I think this is a great idea and I can see the purpose of needing to search by different name criteria. I'll be submitting a feature request for you here. For more information on our Feature Request form, check out our feature request article here: Submitting Feature Requests.

  • Is it possible to change the people search fields that are visible/usable for general users? Of course these are all useful for the admins staff and volunteers, but folks concerned about privacy won't like to see the ability to search for people based on age and marital status for example.