Emailing a Person or Group

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    Is there a way to save a draft if I need to finish composing the email at a later time?

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    Emily W.

    Hi Landon!

    Breeze technically does not have an "auto save" or "draft" feature in our email tool. One recommendation would be to compose the email and create it as an email template. until you are ready to finish it. 

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    I'm new so I hope it is okay to say this, but my best work around so far is to copy the "source code" under the more option.  I save it in a text file and send out my email to others to proof or make changes then come back and copy my code back into the "source code" when I'm ready to make my changes and send the email.  Hope that made sense.  May be the long way around.  But I can even create code for someone else to send from their office if they need help.  It is another option.


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    Carol Ruckman

    Is it possible to set the default for emails with "to" messages so that each recipient can see all other recipients (and reply to all if desired). We don't sent group emails with Bcc because we want everyone to see all responses. 

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