Making Name Tags

  1. Pull up the list of people you'd like to generate name tags for (by running an advanced search, searching by tag, or another method).
  2. On the right, click "Export."
  3. Select "Name Tags" from the dropdown list and click "Download."
Name tags download in Microsoft Word format.




Family Name Tags

Check the "group by family" option to make one name tag per family.  Individuals will still appear with just their name, but family units will have one tag that says "The ______ Family"

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  • Is there anyway to customize the name tags in terms of font size, etc?  Ideally we would like first names to be larger than other information, so they can be seen at a distance.

  • @csammells

    Great question! Unfortunately this flexibility is a limitation of Breeze this moment. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause!

  • We really need an alternative for Mac users - this is a pain every single week.  I've used the converters and they won't convert the Breeze document.

  • Hey @jennifersmith, 

    Thanks for reaching out!  May I ask what you mean by an alternative for Mac users?  You should be able to open the Word document in Apple Pages or Applications that can open PDF documents such as PDF Expert, or Google Docs.  There's no need to convert the file.  Try to open the file by using "open with" and see if you're able to open it with a different Application.  I hope that helps.  


    Here's an article you may find helpful: How to open Microsoft Word documents in Apple Pages on a Mac

  • Hey @jennifersmith, 

    Please forgive me.  As it turns out, you're right.  That particular document can't be opened in Apple Pages or Google Docs.  However, I could open it in PDF Expert. Click here to learn more about PDF Expert.


  • Why can't we have all the customization options printing tags this was as we do with the check in printer? I could really use this feature.

  • @hannah

    This particular tool in Breeze is only intended for printing the name.  If you need to print additional options like those that appear in the Events name tags, you could setup an event and print tags from there.

    Hope that helps!