Hiding People From Being Accessed by Other People

There may be times where you wish to hide certain people from a user or, for example, you want a user to only be able to access a certain small group.

(If you're looking to hide a person from everyone's view, such as when someone passes away or is no longer active at your church, see Archive People instead.)

Breeze allows you to control which people a user or users can see by setting the appropriate permissions for their role. You can set this up using the following:

  1. Go to Account Settings (mceclip3.png) > "Users & Roles," click "Roles" on the left side, and click to edit (pencil icon) the role you'd like to modify.
  2. Within the permissions, navigate to "People > Only Access Certain People."
  3. Select the Tags you'd like to be included and/or excluded. Only people within or outside of these Tags will be visible to users with this role.

Example: A Small Group Leader having Access to only their Small Group
Create a Tags called "Matt's Small Group" or a similar title. Add all of the people the user should be able to access to this Tag. Then set the permissions for the Role as "Only Access Certain People" > "People in Tags" and select the Tag "Matt's Small Group." Whenever a person is added to the "Matt's Small Group" Tag, they will become visible to users with this role.

Looking for something less restrictive? Instead of the above, you can set who shows up on the "People" page using the Default Filter. This only limits the initial list of people while still allowing users to search for anyone in the database.

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  • This seems to be an all or nothing approach.  For example we want our small group leaders to be able to see the details of their small group members.  But for non-group members we need them to have the same access as our regular congregants--Name, address, phone, email for other congregants.  Is there a way to set privacy with a little more nuance?  

  • @techsupport

    Another great question: Unfortunately, no. What you are able see about people is directly related to who you are able to see. If you remove the visibility of certain profile fields from view, that will remain consistent no matter who it is that you have the ability to see. 

    We sincerely hope this information is helpful to you!

  • I need to hide foster children and whatever I do they still show up. I added a "Restricted" tag and then in roles I checked Only access people in certain tags. Nothing is working. Is someone able to assist with this? 

  • Hey @lewislake1030!

    I'm glad you reached out about this! I'd be happy to assist!

    In order to serve you best, I'm going to respond to your question via email! I will be sending one your way soon, so be on the lookout! :)

    I'm looking forward to working through this together!