Hiding People From Being Accessed by Other People

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    Default Filter Link is inoperative.  Please forward good link.  We are looking to hide some records at the request of the persons in the records.  We need to leave them in the database but restrict access to the data to the admin and pastoral staff.

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    Hey there, thanks for letting us know that link was bad.  We make updates and sometimes don't catch everywhere that the links are used :).  The link should be all set for you now.  As a note, based on what you described, I don't think the default filter will accomplish what you're hoping it will.  The default filter just changes your view when you click on the "People" tab, however, unless you restrict access through tags as described above, they will still have access to everyone in the system through filters/searching. 

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    We can limit access of  particular user role to only a specific set of People, but we need the user to be able to see the contributions history of those people.

    If we give them any kind of contribution access, they can see the contributions of everybody, even though they can only see contact information from the restricted group of people.

    Is there (or will there be) a way to allow a user to see (but not edit) some (but not all) contribution data?




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