Sorting or Categorizing Tags/Can't Add People Into Tags

Tag folders help organize your tags. Tags can be grouped within folders. Folders can also be grouped within other folders. We recommend using folders to structure your church similar to the best practice example. Tag folders can be created, edited, and deleted, in the same way that tags can.

Important note: tag folders cannot store people, they are simply a tool for organizing your tags.  If you are unable to add people into a tag, make sure that you have created a tag and not a tag folder. 

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  • Is there a way to filter people within a tag? Example: I want to filter all the males in a particular tag, instead of forming a new tag called 'men.' 

  • Hey @bradburns!

    Absolutely! To filter people within a tag you will simply navigate to:

    1. People

    2. Show more filter options

    3. Scroll to the bottom and select Tags<Tag Contains<Choose your tag

    4. Scroll to the top and select Gender<Male

    This will be most helpful too: Searching People



  • Is there a way to make attendance sheets from tags instead of events? I'd like to make Vacation Bible School attendance sheets for each class without having to make each class an event. Vacation Bible School is the event. Within the event I have classes (1st grade, 2nd grade....) and then I've tagged the participants for each class. Now I'd like to take that and make an attendance sheet and also a sign in/sign out sheet.

  • HI @pam!

    Great question! You can actually set your 1 event Vacation Bible School to Specific tags (1st grade, 2nd grade...) 

    This way you only have one event, but you can print attendance sheets for each class (tag) without having to create each class as an event. 

    Here are some additional resources that will be most helpful:

    Event Check in Eligibility 

    Printing Attendance Sheets

    Hope this is most helpful!

  • Forgive me if this isn’t the proper place for this question. I hope I’m close enough, though.
    I’m new to Breeze. I have watched a number of Breeze videos, but I can’t find the answer to a question. My question is this: what is the relationship between folders and tags?
    From what I’ve found, it seems that tags are groups of people inside a folder. For example, I may have a Sunday School folder, but in that folder I have tags (which would be each class). Is that correct?
    If that is correct, what would a sub folder be? Would that be like if I had a sub folder that contained adult SS classes (tags), a sub folder that contained youth SS classes (tags), and a sub folder that contained children’s SS classes (tags)?
    I sure hope that makes sense.

  • Hey @rustythomaston 

    This is such a great question to ask. You are spot on with folders and tags. Folders are just designed to keep your tags organized. You are also correct in the example you gave for Subfolders. Subfolders are the same idea, it is a way to organize folders within a folder. The nice thing is, you can have as many folders within a folder that you need to keep in all organized. Again great question and keep up the great work!

  • When looking to add someone to an existing tag I can reassign the tag or remove from tags but I cannot add individuals to tags. How do I add individuals to existing tags?

  • @raeley1

    If you have been given permission by your Admin to edit Tags, then the following article will walk you through the steps to do that: Adding Someone to a Tag.

    Hope that helps!