Sorting or Categorizing Tags/Can't Add People Into Tags

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    I am just wondering if there is a way to change the order of our tags within a folder? Right now it is alphabetical, but that leads to our grade tags in our children's ministry getting all mixed up. 

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    Emily W.

    Hi @stph3

    At this time, that is not a current feature. This is expected behavior and falls in line with the alphabetical order logic that Breeze has throughout. Hope this information is helpful. :) 

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    I occasionally need to create a tag so that I can produce a set of mailing labels for the people on the list.

    However, when I choose to group by family, where the two partners have different last names, I want to be

    able to choose which names comes first. (For example, one half of a couple may be the more involved of the two,

    while the other is only peripherally involved.)  How do I do this? 

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    Is there a way to filter people within a tag? Example: I want to filter all the males in a particular tag, instead of forming a new tag called 'men.' 

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    Emily W.

    Hey @bradburns!

    Absolutely! To filter people within a tag you will simply navigate to:

    1. People

    2. Show more filter options

    3. Scroll to the bottom and select Tags<Tag Contains<Choose your tag

    4. Scroll to the top and select Gender<Male

    This will be most helpful too: Searching People



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