Putting Someone in a Tag or Removing Them From a Tag

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    Is it possible to automatically assign a person to a tag based on their age? I want to have classes for children and have them automatically graduated to the next class when they are in that class's age group

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    We don't currently have a method to have someone automatically assigned to a tag.  However, this is what I do at the end of every school year and it only takes about 10 minutes.  I actually just did it last week!

    When the grades promote automatically (Moving Children/Students Up a Grade) I update the tags like this:

    I run a search for all high schoolers by going to the people tab > show more filter options > grade > check the boxes for 9-12.  Then I click 'assign to tags' on the right and choose "high school".  I then click "unassign from tags" and choose middle school.  This will put (or keep) anyone in those grades in the right tags and remove any that were in the middle school tag from that tag.

    Then I repeat the same thing for Middle School and then each class we have for elementary and lower (we do one class for grades 1-5, a class for 4-Kinder, a class for 2-3, and a Nursery class).  

    Hopefully this makes sense and will be quick and easy to implement! 

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    We noticed a little problem with the tag add/remove process.  The statistics for a given tag group change for a date when we remove the tag from a person.  We want to track total attendance for the tag for an event and the trends over time.  However, when a visitor attends for a couple weeks and then leaves, we don't want them to show up on the tag roster forever.  But when removed it reduces the total count for that tag for all dates.  Is there something that I'm missing?

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    Emily W.

    Hey @samkerch!

    Happy to clarify a bit more: It does remove the attendance from the tag, however it shouldn't remove the attendance total.Breeze goes off of current information - so if you update a tag and remove people, the attendance from a year ago will reflect how it appears now. It will still count the total people but the tags are reflective of who is in the tag.  One thing that we do, is capture the visitor information separately and add an anonymous head count to the total. This allows us to still capture information and a total number of people but not worry about the tags. Happy to continue support via our Support phone number or email if needed as I know this may not be ideal. 


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