Putting the Breeze Calendar on a Website or Sharing With Google

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    Is it possible to filter the embedded event calendar?

    I took the embed code and put it on our website so it is showing all events.  However, I have different event categories like "men's groups" or "youth group".

    It would be great if someone comes to the website and sees the calendar, can also filter based on those event categories.

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    Emily W.

    Hi there!

    You can filter what is shown on the calendar when you embed it. Simply click on the settings to include what you want to display on your website. You are able to choose what calendars like men event's or youth group is displayed. 

    If you still have further questions, don't hesitate to contact support! :) 

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    Hello, the Breeze display plugin is very old. Are you planning to update it anytime soon? It no longer says it is compatible with latest WP, and I'm not going to risk installing it until it is tested.

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    Jon VerLee

    Great question and I completely agree!

    The WordPress plugin was created by a third party interested in a tighter relationship between the Breeze API and WordPress. The result was them putting that together on top of our API (i.e. we don't manage that plug in directly).

    That said, if you're (understandably) wary of adding the plug in as it exists now, another route you could consider is finding a plug in that supports an iCal feed and adding your Breeze iCal feed to the plug in to pull in event data.

    Hope that helps! :)

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    Thanks for that. That's unfortunate that it isn't your plugin, but I understand.  The benefit to the plugin is that it can pull the calendar and events (as a listed agenda) over so that your upcoming events can be replicated within WordPress (preventing requirement for duplication).  


    I did test the plugin on 4.9.8 and it did work. so at least there is that.  The problem is, on the calendar widget, they didn't create an ability to tell it which calendar you want. It gets all of them, but when you put the Events widget up, you can select which calendar you want...

    oh well..such is the life of dead plugins.

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    Jon VerLee

    Thanks for understanding!

    The WP plug in graveyard can be a scary and insecure place :)

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