Adding Profile Pictures

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    There do not appear to be any photo cropping tools on either the desktop website or mobile website, and there are no instructions for how to crop a picture.

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    P.S. - The instructional video isn't helpful because it's too small to read on screen. 

    Finally found the cropping tool, but it first appears as only a tiny icon in the upper left corner of a tiny rendering of the uploaded picture.  The tool should open into a half-screen view above the rendering, so it's obvious that it can be re-positioned above the uploaded picture.

    It would also be helpful to be able to re-crop a picture after it is uploaded, rather than having to delete it and start-over again with another upload.

    Finally, once the profile picture was cropped, there is no "save" button and the crop did not stick.

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    P.S. - once the uploaded profile photo was cropped (see earlier comment) the "Set as Profile" button did not save it.  The photo reverted to a tiny corner of the original image.

    Further comment, the instructional video above plays way too fast to understand what steps are being taken, and the font is way too small to read -- even on my very large desktop monitor.  It's even smaller on a handheld mobile device.  Was this platform designed for Windows (what I'm using), Android (what I tried too), and/or Apple?

    Most importantly, there is no "Help" button visible anywhere on any screen or drop-down, not even the home screen.  Our pastor provided the link to this web page.

    Happy to talk or email - 

    Shane Hansen (616.752.2145) or


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