Adding Profile Pictures

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    I am able to click on the image boxes already containing a photo but NOT on a blank image box.  Why is this?

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    Emily W.

    Hi jsander! Happy to help! This could be for various reasons! Sending a support email to troubleshoot further! :) 

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    It would be lovely if there were an option for a vertical photo. Horizontal is great for family photos but not so much for individual pics, which often end up distorted trying to fit into the 3x2 box.

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    I completely agree with needing a vertical photo option. Single people get the top and bottom of their heads cut off both on the website and when the church prints out a hard copy of the directory. Even a square orientation would be better.

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    I followed the directions but get a black screen instead of a picture.

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    Hi @info and @robinleigh1975 - thanks for your feedback on a desire to have vertical photo option.  At this time this isn't something we can support because we need all the pictures to be the same height/width for the consistency of directory outputs and thumbnail images but we do really appreciate hearing what is important to churches!  We will keep this in mind as we move forward and try to make Breeze even better.

    @sshaw - I would like to follow up with you via email on this.  We've had this bug before, it's typically to do with the way a picture is named but we would love to get to the bottom of this quickly.  Be on the lookout for an email from me :)

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