Changing a Tag Name

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    in your example, how would you change the name "Childrens' Ministry" ??

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    Micah M.

    @rdueben, Great question! The same method applies to folders as well. In this scenario you'll want to click on the "All Tags" folder, then hover over the folder you wish to edit. On the right, an edit icon will appear. Click on that icon. Make the desired changes and click "Save" :)

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    Hi Breeze Team,

    How do you rearrange the order of the folders and the tags? There doesn't seem to be a drag and rearrange function

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    Emily W.

    Hey @gabrieltan!

    Great question! That's correct. The folders and tags are in alphabetical order which is consistent with the Breeze logic and unfortunately cannot be changed at this time.

    Additionally, this may be helpful: Moving Tags Into Different Folders

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