Creating an Event

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    No sound and steps were performed too quickly.

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    Hi Deborah,

    I'm so sorry that the video wasn't helpful.  The information was just sample information and not necessarily meant to be replicated.  The main things to know in adding events is to click "add event" in the top right corner, then fill out any of the details for the event (description, date, time, etc.) and then click "save event".  

    If you have any troubles creating a new event please don't hesitate to contact our support team and they'd be happy to walk you through it!



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    Tried creating an event to be added to a google calendar. After hitting the submit button, no event was created in either breeze nor the google calendar. No email either to the google calendar owner for permission. So how do we add from breeze to google?

    Also, if we do this through breeze to add to google, can we take attendance or does that only work for breeze calendar items only?

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    Hey there - I'm sorry about that trouble!  Could you try creating another event?  It's possible that the page had a brief bug which prevented the event from submitting.  Also be sure to look at which calendar the event is being added to and make sure that that calendar is set to view.  

    Have you already followed the directions found here: Integrate with Google Calendar  to add your calendar from Breeze to Google?

    After you've done that, your Breeze events will show up in Google.  You will be able to take attendance from events created in Breeze.  If an event was created in Google Calendar and then synced to Breeze, it's strictly a read-only event so you will not be able to take attendance.  However, events that originate in Breeze will post to Google Calendar after you've finished the integration and you will be able to take attendance. 

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    I was able to create the event but I do not understand how to add people through invitation to the event. 

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    Emily W.

    Hey Jake!

     I see how inviting people to an event that has been created can be a great way to let them know what is going on. :)

    Currently in Breeze, when you create an event you have the option to be able to request for Volunteers, but as for specifically inviting people to an event that you have created this is not an option within Breeze at this time. 

    You do have the option once that an event has been created to be able to share a link from the event within Breeze out to your website. You can also directly share your Events calendar on your Church website, this will allow anyone that access your Website to be able to view the list of events that you have set up from within Breeze. 

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