Scheduling Volunteers (Legacy)


The Volunteer (LEGACY) section allows users to schedule volunteers for events (e.g. nursery, band, etc). Those volunteers can then receive email reminders and/or RSVP requests so event organizers can easily keep track of who is going to be there and plan for those who can't make it.

Adding Volunteers

To schedule volunteers for serving at an event:

  1. Select the "Events" tab from the top right.
  2. Click on the event and click "View Details."
  3. On the left, click "Volunteers (LEGACY) ."
  4. Click the "Add Volunteers" button in the top right corner.
  5. Type the name and select the volunteer you'd like to schedule. You can add multiple people at once.
If you'd like to schedule volunteers for multiple events in the series, click the "Grid View" button towards the upper right and then type the volunteer's name into the available inputs.
If you'd like to schedule volunteers on a recurring basis (e.g. every other week for a certain event), after adding the volunteer click the arrow icon next to their name and specify the desired recurring schedule.

Removing Volunteers

To unschedule a volunteer for serving at an event:

  1. Select the "Events" tab from the top right.
  2. Click on the event and click "View Details."
  3. On the left, click "Volunteers (LEGACY)."
  4. Click the gray x icon next to the person you'd like to unschedule. (If you'd like to unschedule volunteers from multiple events at once, click the "Grid View" button.)

Volunteer Roles

Users can assign volunteers specific roles and volunteers can receive notifications that are specific to their roles.

To specify a role for a volunteer:

  1. Navigate to the volunteer (LEGACY) section for the event.
  2. If not already done, add the volunteer to the event.
  3. Beneath the volunteer's name, click "No Role."
  4. You can then select one or more role(s) for the volunteer.
To have the volunteer receive a notification specific to their role:
  1. Navigate to the volunteer notifications section of your event.
  2. Click "Show More Options" in the bottom left.
  3. Scroll down and click "Show Role-Specific Messages."
  4. Add messages for each role and save your changes for either that event or all events in the series.
To edit or remove a role so that it is no longer an option:
  1. Navigate to the volunteer section for the event.
  2. For one of the current volunteers (it doesn't matter which one), click the "Roles" dropdown and select "Create New Role."
  3. In the bottom left click "Manage Roles."
  4. Using the edit or delete icon, perform your desired action.

Request Volunteers

Users can send a message to a person or group of people requesting them to volunteer for a specific date or multiple dates. Recipients can select which dates they'd like to volunteer.  This will automatically add them to the volunteer list for those dates. To request volunteers for a specific event:

  1. Select the "Events" tab from the top right.
  2. Click on the event and then click "View Details."
  3. On the left, click "Volunteers (LEGACY)."
  4. Click the dropdown arrow to the right of the "Add Volunteers" button and select "Request Volunteers."
  5. Select the settings you'd like and send the request.

Send Schedules

Users can send volunteers a schedule for the coming weeks/months. Volunteers will receive only their own schedule (i.e. they will not be able to see when other people are scheduled to volunteer). This feature can be a great way to check in to confirm that everyone is able to serve on their scheduled dates for the coming weeks or months.

  1. Select the "Events" tab from the top right.
  2. Click on the event and then click "View Details."
  3. On the left, click "Volunteers (LEGACY)."
  4. Click the dropdown arrow to the right of the "Add Volunteers" button and select "Send Schedules."
  5. Select the settings you'd like and send the schedules.

Viewing Upcoming Weeks Schedules

Grid View:

When you're looking at the Volunteers (LEGACY) page, if you click the "Grid" button you'll see 8 weeks' worth of volunteer schedules.  You'll be able to assign directly from the page, make edits, see how many volunteers in specific roles, etc. 

If you would like a full screen view you can click the arrow button next to it for a larger view. 

Download to Excel:

If you'd like an excel view of your volunteers you can access this by going to your event and then the volunteers (LEGACY) page then clicking "grid view".  From there, you'll have the option to download to excel. 

Clicking the download to excel button will let you choose a specific time period of your choosing to export into an excel document.

The excel download will go in a weekly format with the individual's name and in parenthesis the role they will have as a volunteer. 

To print a list of volunteers and their roles*:

1. Navigate to the volunteer (LEGACY) section for the event.

2. Click on "Grid" next to the green "Download as Excel" button in the top right corner.

3. Next, click on "Download as Excel".

4. Once you open the Excel file, you will be able to print your list of volunteers with the date of the event and the role in which they are volunteering.

*This option is only available when viewing an event that repeats.


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  • Is there a way I can schedule one person for the same volunteer role every Sunday, rather than manually scheduling him for each individual Sunday in the same role?

  • Hey @mmm1802!

    Yes, you can absolutely easily, set a recurring schedule for volunteers! You will want to Navigate to the Event > Edit Event Settings > Click Volunteers > Click the Circle with Arrows Icon to the Right of the Volunteers Name > Set Recurring Schedule > Click Save. Hope you find this incredibly easy and breezy compared to manually inputting recurring schedules. 

  • We are hoping Breeze can replace our current rota system (

    As a member in Breeze, I can view my volunteer assignments, but to made changes, the only security option is to allow access to the full Manage Volunteers - not a good idea!

    Would it be possible to add a security layer in between, to allow a member to assign (or decline) themselves (only) to a role(s) on any event(s)?

    Hope this is on your volunteer enhancements roadmap!


  • I am getting error message that a person is already scheduled in the position I assigned them, but I cannot find them scheduled anywhere else. So far it has just been on one member.

  • When I have input my volunteers, it is using their "First Name" "Last Name" instead of automatically defaulting to the "Nick Name" (example: Larry is Lawrence, Bella is Isabella) In the old Volunteer scheduling, it defaulted to their nickname. Can you help with this?


  • @lauren

    Thanks for reaching out to the Forum today! The New Volunteer 2.0 does come with some differences from it's predecessor, however, it is continually be refined as well. Although I can't guarantee this will change, this feedback will certainly be taken into consideration with our Product Team. 

  • I'm trying to see if I can use Breeze in place of sign up genius.  Is there a way to do an event RSVP with volunteers that allows people to sign up to bring a side dish, main dish or drink (or something like that.)  I've created ROLES called "main dish", "side dish", etc with limits to those rolls.  People would be able to see what ROLES are still needed in real time and sign up or volunteer to bring those "roles." Is this possible?

  • @johnsonemily

    This is precisely how we suggest using Breeze to accomplish this. Great work! 

    If this is the functionality you're looking for, you should be able to fully use Breeze for this. Please let us know if you have any additional questions. 

  • I created a team but I need to delete it. How do I delete a team?

  • @amysmllwd

    You can delete a Team by selecting Modify Roles. Once you're there, you can edit both Roles and Teams!



  • When requesting volunteers in the original system (not 2.0), and you send an email to "All Volunteers in the Last 6 months" - who does that go to? Is it the volunteers for just that specific event or in a certain role for that event, or does it open up to any volunteer in the system?


  • @office

    That email would go to any scheduled volunteer within the last 6 months. Please let us know how we can continue to serve you!

  • Scheduled for what specifically ... I'm trying to figure out if it goes to the volunteers in that event or to all volunteers in the system?

  • @office

    In 1.0, this would go to anyone who has volunteered/confirmed a position in any capacity in the last 12 months. Not just the ones who are scheduled for the the current Event. I hope clears up any confusion! 


  • In volunteers 2.0, is there a way to have a "generic link" (not user specific) for signup sheets?  I'd like to have a link on our website to signup for an event that might have volunteers who are not already in breeze sign up.  Then as part of signing up to volunteer, they would add their name/e-mail.  Is that possible?

  • @cstriffler That's a neat idea! However, at this time that is not a current feature within Breeze, but we're happy to think it over. I can certainly see where this could be helpful. I'll share your idea with the team here. We appreciate your input. I should also mention that at this time we are not taking feature requests on this platform, but we would love for you to Submit a Feature Request so that our development team can have it when they plan out our future road map of features! 

    One suggestion is to have people sign up on a Form that they are interested to Volunteer, then have the system Auto-Tag those Form Respondents. You could then send the Sign Up Sheet to anyone who is in the tag of those interested to Volunteer. 

  • @Ashley Thanks for your quick response and suggestions!

  • How can I delete roles?

  • @cndday2000

    You can Click "Modify Roles" and edit/delete any role! See here: 



  • When downloading the event volunteer schedule to Excel, is there a way to see their response (Accepted/Declined/No Response) in addition to the role and volunteer name?  I can see it on the screen, but not on the exported report.

  • @dougfolk

    Thanks for reaching out to us! 

    Unfortunately, there is no functionality for the Response to be shown in this download. We certainly apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. The best suggestion here would be to submit this as a Feature Request! Submitting Feature Requests


  • Is there a way to edit the recurring schedule for a volunteer.  For instance, we have a volunteer who no longer serves as an usher, but he is on a recurring schedule every other week.  I'd like to delete the recurring assignment so that he isn't receiving a notification every other week. 

  • @tracyahart

    Simply remove him from the Recurrence of this event! Here's how: 


    Let us know if you have any additional questions!

  • Any plans to make roles with the ability to copy them from event to event? 

  • Hi @valhornton,

    Unfortunately, I don't have anything specific to pass along regarding the future of our Volunteers feature.

    However, I'd recommend Subscribing to our Breeze Blogs! We have a Product Updates Blog that will inform you of all the newest updates/improvements within Breeze. 

    Hope that's helpful!