Bulk Update People

This option allows you to update existing people in bulk by downloading an Excel file, making the desired changes, and then re-uploading the Excel file.

  1. Navigate to the Account Settings (mceclip3.png)
  2. Select "Bulk Tasks"
  3. Choose "Update People" on the left.
  4. Click the "Download Template File" buttonand make the desired changes to the downloaded template file.
  5. Import the file back in using the "Import Updated People" button. The information for those people will be updated.



You are free to delete both columns and rows from this file; the only required column is "Breeze ID" as this is what associates the row with the correct person. Deleting columns excludes those fields from the update. Deleting rows excludes those people from the update.

The update will reflect exactly what's in the file you import. If you delete data in a cell of the spreadsheet, it will be deleted from Breeze (e.g. if you delete a phone number for a specific person, not the entire phone number column, that phone number will be removed from Breeze when the file is imported).

For details on how to format your data, please follow the guidelines listed for importing people.

1 This file contains nearly all of the data you're storing for the people in your database. File fields and photos cannot be updated through this method.
When making your changes in Excel to a date field, and then saving to a .csv file, the 4-digit year will reformat to a 2-digit year. To correct this, you can format the date columns to be formatted as Date > MM/DD/YYYY and save it as a .csv file from there. This will prevent the automatic reformatting to a 2-digit year, which will turn 1976 into 2076 when imported into Breeze.

Internal Note: Only Breeze Support users can see Family Role and Family ID columns in our exports and bulk update templates. These columns are not available to customers, as it's very easy to mess up your data if edited incorrectly.

Here is an example of deleting a column from Breeze which will prevent any information in that column from being updated: 


Here is an example of deleting the contents of a cell which will delete the information in Breeze: 
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