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    Hi all! I hope this is okay to advertise on here?

    I have for sale a Mini MICR, 3-Track MSR, MICRSafe USB Keyboard Wedge (22551002) brand new, never used. Unfortunately I purchased it without reading the compatibility requirement and didn't return it in time. It only runs on Windows. If you are interested, please contact me. Thanks!

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    Hi above it says "Breeze Check Scanning doesn't support check image scanning. One of our amazing churches has formulated a workaround that may be a solution for you."  Do you have a link to that workaround?  I see the download for the alternate scanner.  Is this the same work around you are talking about?

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    Emily W.

    Hi @asims!

    Great question! It is a bit confusing! So sorry for that. Happy to clarify:

    It’s just getting a CSV from the check scanner that takes pictures to import giving into Breeze instead of setting up a direct integration.

    "Some third party scanners provide local (on your computer) check image scanning which also pulls data off a check into a CSV file. This could then be imported via Breeze's Import Giving tool to manually import the giving each week. This solution may require manipulation/formatting of the data to import properly into Breeze. Check images in this solution would remain on your local computer and not import into Breeze."'

    Hope this is helpful!

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