Searching Contributions and Creating Giving Reports

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    One of my challenges in Breeze is finding people who have NOT done a particular thing.  For example, how do I find people who have a membership status of "Member" but have NOT made a pledge to a particular campaign? 

    In theory, I could do it by exporting both a list of members and a list of pledges and doing a cross-compare in Excel. However, Pledges only have one person's name on them, so I'll be left with a list of spouses who look like they haven't pledged, but really did, with their partner.   

    So, it would be really great if I could find a way to do it within Breeze.  :\

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    Jill Barbeau

    I agree. I would like to be able to write a report that shows only people who have not pledged for 2019. Is there a way to do this? 

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    Hey there! There is a workaround to this which will give you the results of anyone who has not pledged and will remove spouses/family members. It's a little involved, but once you do it, it should be fairly straightforward: 

    1. Click on the "Tags" tab and create a tag called "Pledgers" or the title of your pledge or anything that you'll recognize as the pledgers. 
    2. Go to More > Contributions and choose "Pledges" from the left side and click on the pledge you're looking for
    3. On the left side, between the graph and the pledge information you'll see a blue number with the number of pledges - Click that.
    4. From the popup that appears, click "more actions" on the right, and "assign to tags".  Assign everyone to the tag that you made in step 1.
    5. Click on the "People" tab and click "Show More Filter Options" on the lefthand side
    6. At the bottom you'll see "Tag > Contains".  Choose that dropdown and check the box for the tag that you've just created.  You should now see a list of everyone in the middle who has pledged
    7. Just above where you chose the tag, you'll see the "Other" search are with an option of "Search Type".  Click that dropdown and change it from "Person" to "Family".  Now you'll get a list of the entire family of those pledgers.
    8. Click "more actions" on the right, and "assign to tags".  Assign everyone to the tag that same tag that you made in step 1.  Now the tag will be filled with the pledgers and their family members.
    9. Click on the "People" tab again to clear out your previous search.
    10. Click "Show More Filter Options" on the left again
    11. Now choose "Tag > DOES NOT CONTAIN" and choose the tag that you created in Step 1. 
    12. You'll now see a list of everyone in your database that did not pledge or is not a family member of someone who pledged.  If you'd like to narrow this down further, you can do so by filtering by "status" and choosing just your members, attenders, or whichever group of people you're specifically looking for.

    I hope this has helped!  Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need further assistance with this.

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    Wow, thank you!  I forgot about that search function that includes family members.  This is incredibly helpful.

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    Not terribly helpful. I need to track those who HAVE pledged, but have not paid, so we can send friendly reminders at certain times of the year. For now, I download ALL the pledges then manually sort them one by one. Incredibly time consuming....

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    to "info" - I'm working on the same thing right now.   Look back to the original article.  The second to the last section looks like it does what you want:


    Pledged To:

    See who has given specifically toward a pledge.  Also allows you to see "non givers" who have pledged, but not actually given toward the pledge yet.  This comes up at a $0 amount. 

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