Searching Contributions and Creating Giving Reports

Here we will examine the possibilities within contribution reporting.  This article will guide you through all filter options as well as some commonly searched scenarios. 

How to search previously entered contributions

  1. Navigate to "More > Contributions > Reports."
  2. Using the options on the top, select the criteria you'd like to search by.
  3. Results matching your criteria will automatically appear below.

Get a report of anonymous gifts

  1. Navigate to "More > Contributions > Reports."
  2. In the search filters at the top, select the More dropdown and add "People" by clicking the checkbox next to it.
  3. The last step will make this option appear in the search filters at the top. Now, select "People" from the search filters at the top and check the "Anonymous" box.
  4. Set up whatever additional filters you want, i.e. date range, fund, etc.

There you have a report of your anonymous giving.

Get a report of people who have given year to date

  1. Navigate to "More > Contributions > Reports."
  2. Set the date criteria.

If you want your report to include the total amounts given per person:

  1. Select the Amount dropdown from the search filters at the top and check the "Search by Sum" box.
  2. You can then click "Download as Excel" at the top to download this report if you'd like.

If you want a list of only names (not including the amounts given):

  1. Below the "Date" filter at the top of the report, select the person icon.
  2. This will give you a list and you can click Export on the right to export that list to Excel.

Report Filters

When you go to More > Contributions > Reports you'll see some default filters on the top bar.  Next to that you'll see "more" with several more filters you can use to create very specific searches.  We'll explain what each filter means here:



Select your date range. When you choose your date range, the report will only look at contributions added during this time period.

If you choose not to include an "end date" then the search will just look for the start date and after.


This includes in the Graph View of the reports, so graphs like "givers vs non-givers" are only looking at that specific period of time.

If someone has not given during that time period they would appear as a "non-giver".

The only graph in this view that differs in logic is the First Time Giver graph, as it pulls individuals who have given to your church or organization for the very first time in the specified date range. So the logic actually looks at your selected date range, the number of giving transactions in that date range, and goes back an additional 5 years.
Anyone who has given for the first time in 5 years from the selected date range will appear as a new giver.



You can specify which fund(s) you'd like to see.  You can pick and choose between non-tax-deductible funds and tax-deductible funds. You can also select a fund group, which would select all the funds within that group at once. If no funds are selected, all funds will appear in the results. 



Specify which type of giving methods you'd like to see reports on. For instance, if you only want to see people who gave through online giving, you can choose "online".  Or you can view people who gave through non-cash donations.

To find out more about creating, editing, or deleting methods, check out this article.



Create a search amount parameter.  

For example, if you want to see only donations over $500 you can set the minimum to $500.

You can also specify if you want to search by sum which will add up all the donations made by a person (or family if you check that box as well) during the specified time period and show as a sum rather than by individual donations.

Finally you can opt to group by week, month, quarter, or year which will change the table to include the desired time period totals (only an option if searching by sum).

This is the best field to use if you're trying to create a search for your top givers.

Search for a minimum search amount, choose to search by sum and group by family.  Then, in the table, click on the "amount" to sort by amount.  Then you'll see a list of your top givers!

The rest of the filters are found by checking their box in the "more" dropdown:





Create a filter of your people (or load a saved search) to narrow down the people that will appear in your results.  If you only want to see "anonymous" donors, check the anonymous box.



Search for people who have envelope numbers, or those who are not assigned envelope numbers. You can also search by a range of envelope numbers. Note: This report filter option does not show, unless there are assigned envelopes within your account.

To learn more about creating, viewing, editing and deleting envelope numbers, check out this article. 



Choose which batch(es) you'd like to view.  You can specify just online giving batches or manually added donations by week.



Have you used a form to collect money for an event? You can see exactly who paid the registration payment, how much, and when.

Pledged To:


See who has given specifically toward a pledge.  Also allows you to see "non givers" who have pledged, but not actually given toward the pledge yet.  This comes up at a $0 amount.

If you would like to create a statement to send to those that have pledged in a campaign, choose the dropdown beside "Download as Excel" to print or email those statements to those individuals.



See a list of transfer dates and all contributions included in the transfer(s).  This also includes a link to our reconciliation report article, which will instruct you on how to get more detailed information about each transfer made.

When viewing the transfers in the reports page, the dollar amounts are gross totals (before the fees are removed).




You can download these giving reports into an Excel format, or select the dropdown arrow to either print or email your statements to your donors. Check out our Complete Guide to Creating Giving Statements for more information.

By using the columns tab, you can specify the information you wish to view or remove on your report by using a check mark to select the information or uncheck the information you want visible on your report. 

How to View Giving on an Individual's Profile


You can view an individual or family's giving by clicking the "Giving" button to the left of their profile.


The columns that appear will be the same default columns of the reports page (More > Contributions > Reports).  You can change the default columns that appear by changing them on the reports page.



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  • I am trying to find a report that will give me the entire year of a particular fund by month.  For example, the general fund contributions by month for one year.  Doesn't seem to be one.  It is a hassle to change the date for each month to get the entire year and then not be able to print that report.  Reports in this system are lacking.


  • Hey @finance! 

    Thanks for reaching out! We have just the report for you! Happy to help! To get this report:

    1. Navigate to "More > Contributions > Reports."
    2. Set the date criteria.
    3. Select Amount
    4. Select Search by Sum
    5. Group by Month



    Hope this is most helpful!

    Happy Breezing! 

  • I have followed the directions to create mid-year statements for 2019 annual pledgers.  I went to Reports. Chose "Pledged to" 2019 Annual and downloaded the statements.  Even when I filter for gifts since Jan 1, 2019, I still get the information for 2018 Annual pledges as well.

    Thank you for your help.

  • Hey @Kristen!

    Thanks for reaching out! I do believe the start date could be affecting this. Could you check to see if the start dates are in 2018? 

    Managing Pledges

    Please feel free to reach out via phone or email for additional support with your pledges. Happy to help and to serve!


  • Thanks for the quick response.  Dates needed to be changed with the 2018 pledges so it looks like an easy fix.

    thank you.

  • I have not been able to locate the way that a giving report can be shared. I see all the steps to create and print a report, but I don't see an option to save it as a pdf or share via email. Is there a way to do this?

  • Hey @office there are several ways giving reports can be shared. Because there are built-in ways to enable users to be able to only "View Reports" in Breeze and View Reports without names, we have limited built-in options to click a button and save the report as a .PDF, however, it can be accomplished!

    One way to share the Contribution Reports is to "Download as Excel" and then share the Excel Report via email. If you like the way it looks in Breeze you can always follow the steps to "Print Batch" and simply change the destination to "save as PDF"


    How to Print Batch Report:

    • When you Search Contributions and Create a Giving Report, you can easily print that page with all of the details of the Batch, including the Totals Overview, Funds Overview, and Method Overview by simply clicking Control + P on a PC or Command + P on a Mac. This will print exactly what you see on the screen. 

    How to Save a Batch Report as PDF:

    • Follow the steps above in the How to Print Batch Report, and Click the "Destination" drop down option and select "Save as PDF". This will allow you to save your contribution report as a PDF that can be shared outside of Breeze. (These instructions are if you are using google chrome as a web browser) 
    • I made this video to show you the steps: 
    I hope this helps! 
  • I am wondering if there is a way that I can print out a report with more details. I want to have the notes included in the report and I don't see that option right now. Also want to have the fund show for each check in a batch report. 

  • Hey @Office! You can absolutely do this by Printing the Reports Page in Contributions, you will just want to make sure that you add the "Columns" in that you would like to appear before printing. When you use the Columns drop-down beside Download as Excel you can select exactly what will appear on the report by selecting Fund, Check Number and Notes.


  • I am trying to run a few different reports

    1) I would like to know who is giving but did my pledge. Is there a way I can filter OUT those who pledged? 

    2) I am also trying to run a report to try to see if people's pledges have gone down from year to year. Is there a way I can filter for this information across pledges? 


  • @dhodgebatzka

    Due to the nature of this ticket, We're going to switch this over to the support channel! 

  • I am trying to print out a report that I can send to the bank with the checks that shows the total being deposited. Thanks.

  • @jbburr

    Great question! Reconciliation in Breeze is done through 2 separate documents; The Contributions Report and the Transfer History Report. The Contributions Report will give you all of the information with the exception of the Fees & Refunds from Online Giving. The Transfer History Report will give you that additional information for your Fees and Refunds. 

    We sincerely apologize that this cannot be found generically within Breeze on one report, however, you can easily combine this information within Excel or your Accounting Platform.

    Please let us know if this information was helpful for you!

  • I need to generate an Excel report that lists donors for a certain date range, along with their mailing addresses and totals given.  How might I do that?

  • @Joe Fox

    I'm glad we were able to address this over the phone! Thanks again for calling in. 



  • I need to generate a report that will list $$ of out of town (Visitors) donors. How can I do that? Thanks

  • @samtanyous

    Sure thing! You can filter the Contributions of those who are listed as visitors within your database. Here's short video link of how: 

    Please let us know if there's anything us if you can do to serve you!

  • I am generating a report of members who contributed during a certain time period. The directions above worked perfectly! When I "Group by family" the report shows both adults in the family if each person donated. However, is there a way to also display the names of all adult family members, even if they do not have a contribution recorded themselves? For instance, one family member writes the checks, but both family members are members of the church?

  • @mlesleyfox

    When you run your report click on the Graph View icon and then scroll down to the graph "Givers vs Non-Givers". Click on the Givers graph and it will show the individuals within the family and you can use the action panel as you can in other places Breeze. Here is a quick video showing you what that looks like: 

    I hope that helps reach back out with any other questions. 


  • I'm trying to create a report that gives me a comparison between individual's pledged amounts in 2019 and 2020. I cannot find a way to list pledges in any report.

    I also need to generate a list of people who are behind on their 2019 pledge.  But again, I cannot find a way to generate a report that lists pledges other than individual statements.  

    Any help?

  • Carly - On the page for the pledge campaign itself, you can download the whole campaign as an excel file, then sort/filter as needed to narrow down the people who are behind.  One of the columns is called % completed, so sorting by that column may help.

    I've used excel and a VLookup function to create that comparison report.  Each person in Breeze has a a unique numerical identifier called "Person ID" I think. This is stored behind the scenes but is downloaded as part of the pledge campaign when you create an excel spreadsheet.  This does mean that you have to have the same member of each couple listed as the pledger on each campaign in order to match up the records.

    Early on, in order to keep my records consistent from year to year, I decided that the person on the pledge record would be the member of the couple whose name comes first alphabetically. That has really helped keep things straight and organized.

  • Yah.  That's my problem.  If I wanted to use Excel, I'd track giving in Excel.  I use a giving software so I can generate reports on campaigns.  It does me no good to have to leave two different programs. I simply don't have time for that.


  • @wyndwoman

    Thanks for your excellent feedback here! This is precisely what we would've suggested here at Breeze. 



    We certainly apologize for the inconvenience of you having to use Excel in order to get the information that you need. We know that this isn't ideal, however, it is the only way to get the information that you were looking for at this time. I would also recommend submitting this as a feature request so that it can't be added to Breeze in the future. Submitting Feature Requests

    We look forward to hearing from you again soon!

  • I think I am looking for something same as or similar to Joe Fox above, but it looks like that was remedied by phone call so I'm not seeing insights listed here. I'd like to run a report, exported to excel, with 2019 annual giving sum (preferably summed by fund) and address/family name variables included, so that we can use for a mail merge for this year's stewardship ask letter.

  • @pastorgoeres

    Thanks for reaching out! You have access to all of this information, however, it isn't included on one report unless you're doing a Giving Statement! A Statement sounds like exactly what you're needing in the sense of providing Annual totals per person with their address and other Mail Merge information included.  Is that what you're looking for? It may help if you give us a call so that we can get more clarity here on your needs based on your intended purpose!

  • I would like a report for total contributions per fund to make sure it matches the General Ledger.

  • Hi @kirkjanice635!
    Great question; you can absolutely do this using the "Reports" section above. Select a start and end date, then click the "Columns" button, scroll down and click "Hide Names." This will give you total contributions per fund overview to ensure it matches with your General Ledger! I hope that's helpful! If more clarity is needed, or for other tips and tricks, don't hesitate to shoot us an email or give us a call! :)

  • I am in need of a way to print individual statements that show the breakdown amount for each fund they gave too. 

    I want to send out last quarters giving report, but itemized by fund and with amount. 

    Please advise


  • @cspollard96

    Hey! And thanks for taking a moment to reach out to us. 

    When you customize your Statement, make sure to include the Fund Summary  Mail Merge. This will give you a list of all of the funds that the person gave to, as well as, the totals they gave to each of those funds. 

    You can send these Statements out to everyone who gave or to specific individuals if necessary! 

    For further explanation and clarity, please feel free to reach out and give us a call! We'd love to help. 

  • We use your software primarily for development and would like to run a report that shows us who gave last fiscal year but not this. LYBUNT. Can you please tell me how I can accomplish this? We would like a list of those people specifically so that our students can do a call campaign.