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Group People using Tags

Looking for a great way to place people together in a Group? Well, look no further! 

With Tags, you can quickly organize groups of people and easily communicate with those groups within a couple of clicks! Organize your Tags even more by putting similar Tags into folders or sub-folders. 

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  • Hi there, are you currently on being able to WhatsApp or use Facebook Messenger to contact people within a tagged group? 

  • Hey Gabe - our communication works strictly through Breeze.  We do not have any extension/connection to WhatsApp or Facebook.  The email and text feature can be used through Breeze, though! 

  • How to edit the folders order?

  • Hey nlopezcobar2011!

    Great question! Form Folders are going to be placed in alphabetical order. This follows the consistent logic of alphabetical order throughout Breeze and at this time cannot be changed. 

  • I cannot create new tags and tag folders in Microsoft Edge.  I have to switch to Chrome to get this done.  Can you please fix this bug?  

  • @techsupport

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that this may cause you. Our team is already working hard to make sure that Breeze is operating effectively in all browsers. We appreciate your patience with us!