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Keep track of who gave what, when, and generate giving statements.

Keep track of who gave what, when, how much, and to where. Easily generate giving statements monthly, quarterly or annually. Get an overview of the financial health of your church through reports and analytics. Watch the video above for more on contributions.

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  • Hi are there videos to add to our website that guides members how to use online giving and giving through text? I’m searching the breeze site and I am unable to locate any. Thanks for your help!

  • @inezmartinezjr

    Thanks for reaching out to us! Here's a great video about Online Giving: Online Giving Video

    If you have any additional questions, please let us know!

  • Is there a video that gives more detail in entering payments.  For instance if a member has a split donation do you enter the total amount and then divide it or do you enter the amounts separately.

  • Hey @franrich65

    Great question! Thanks for reaching out. I love the video idea and although we don't have one on this currently, you can do either or. You can simply just entering the amount separately or in the video above around 40 seconds, it will show you how you can split the amount into 2 funds. 

    Hope this is most helpful!

    Should you have any further questions, please send us an email to

    Happy Breezing!


  • We want to use Breeze to keep track of who are pledgers are and be able to create mailing labels for them. We do not want to use Breeze to track their contributions.  Is this possible using the Contributions module or do we have to set up a tag?


  • @jakzip

    Thanks for reaching out!  Yes, you can enter the pledge information without using the rest of Contributions.  The page would just always show $0.00 in the "Paid" column since you wouldn't be adding any contributions. 

    As for making mailing labels, on the Pledges page there is a place in the top left that tells the total number of pledges entered.  That is a hyperlink.  If you click it, you'll be taken to a page that lists all of the people that have pledged in a People screen style.  On the right side is the action panel that you normally see on the People screen.  From there, you can choose Export and then choose mailing labels as your format.

    Hope this helps!