Managing Pledges

Pledges allow users to record who pledged to give what, compare that to what they actually gave, and send statements to donors showing their pledge summary (total given vs. total pledged). When a pledge is created, it is given a date range and what fund(s) it includes. Any contributions (even if previously created) that match the date and fund for that person will be included in what was given to that pledge.


All pledges must exist within a campaign. Campaigns help organize pledges into different groups. For instance, you may have a campaign named "2018 Building Campaign" or "2019 Pledge Drive."

Add a Pledge

  1. Navigate to "More > Contributions > Pledge."
  2. Select the campaign you'd like to add a pledge to.
  3. Click "Add Pledge" in the upper right.
  4. Fill in the fields and click "Add Pledge."

If adding multiple pledges, select the "Keep Open After Adding" checkbox to avoid having to reopen the add pledge window each time. Settings will also be retained (e.g. fund will stay on the same fund as the previous fund for subsequent entries).


Edit a Pledge

  1. Navigate to "More > Contributions > Pledge."
  2. Select the campaign you'd like to add a pledge to.
  3. Click pencil icon on the right of the pledge you'd like to modify.
  4. Fill in the fields and click the "Update Pledge" button to save your changes.


Delete a Pledge

  1. Navigate to "More > Contributions > Pledge."
  2. Select the campaign you'd like to delete a pledge from.
  3. Click the "X" remove icon on the right of the pledge you'd like to delete.


Export Pledge Information

  1. Navigate to More > Contributions > Pledge.
  2. Select the campaign you'd like to get a report from.
  3. Choose the Columns you would like to display.
  4. Click "Download As Excel"


Export Information about the Pledger

  1. Navigate to More > Contributions > Pledge.
  2. Select the campaign you'd like to get the pledger's information for.
  3. Click the link in the upper left corner that says a number of pledgers. "15 Pledgers"
  4. It will populate a pop up of people, and from there you can Export People or contact information, among many other tasks, using the Action Panel.

Pre-Paid Pledges

Our best practice solution for churches that manage yearly pledges would be to have a separate fund for each pledging year. This will allow givers to easily pre-pay for pledges without it affecting the current year’s pledges in any way.

This is possible because pledges look at both the date range and a specified fund in order to know what contributions to count toward a pledge.

Sometimes people want to pre-pay their pledge, i.e. make their donation on Dec. 31st for the upcoming year.  Typically pledges are for a specific timeframe (i.e. January - December 2018) so when you enter a person's pledge, you enter the start date as 1/1/18 and the end date as 12/31/18.  In the case of pre-paid pledges, you will want to enter the start date as the date the person made their prepayment (i.e. 12/31/17). This way the payment that the person made early will count towards their pledge for the following year both in your view of the pledge information in Breeze as well as the individual's giving statement.

Multiple Pledges Per Family

By default, Breeze will assume that all members of the family are to be considered under one pledge. If multiple members of the family would like to have separate pledges set up, this can be done with just a couple of extra clicks! 

  1. Go to More > Contributions > Pledges
  2. Choose the Campaign (or create a new one)
  3. Click "+ Add Pledge" in the top right corner
  4. Fill out all the information on the window that pops up and then click "show more options"
  5. Deselect the button that says "include all family members"

Now the pledge will only be attached to the name included in the pledge, and not the whole family. 

2020-04-13_14-06-20__1_.gifCreating Pledge Statements

If you'd like to update your members on the progress of their pledges (including members who have pledged but not yet given), you can do so by creating custom pledge statements right within Breeze.

To create a pledge statement:

  1. Go to More > Contributions > Reports
  2. Choose "More" > "Pledged To" from the filter options
  3. Under the "Pledged To" filter select "Campaign Name"
    • Select "Include Non Givers" if you'd like to include people who have pledged but have not yet given
  4. Click the expand arrow to the right of "Download as Excel" option
  5. Choose "Print Statement" (or "Email Statement")
  6. Click the Pencil Icon in the bottom left
  7. In the customization of your statement, include the mail merge option of "Pledges Summary" and edit statement as needed.
  8. Click "Save"
  9. Click the "Expand Arrow" to the right of "Download as Excel" option
  10. Choose "Print Statement" (or "Email Statement")
  11. Select "Print" (or "Continue to Compose Message" > "Send")

If you'd like to customize the pledge summary included in your statement you can do so by following the directions outlined in Customizing Statements.

By default, the pledge summary will contain the 1) campaign name, 2) date range, 3) frequency, 4) amount paid compared to the total amount, 5) amount remaining, and 6) percentage paid. Note: If you find that your Pledge Campaigns page is loading slowly and you have more than 7 years worth of pledges in your Breeze account, deleting older Pledge Campaigns will help increase your page's load-time speed. Be sure to save your Pledge Campaign information for each of your Campaigns by selecting "Download as Excel" in order to maintain historical records of your older Pledge Campaigns.

Additional Information


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  • @DeAnna

    When you're entering the pledge, you get to set how much the Pledge is for! (aka the Goal Amount). 

    This can be listed in a variety of frequencies, so make sure you're selecting the one that's best for you! 

  • I do believe that @DeAnnna wants to record a goal for the entire campaign (goal for pledges or actual receipts?), not individual pledges. Sounds like that would require a feature request.

    I also would recommend against using frequencies unless you never plan to credit pledge payments made outside of the campaign window.

  • @daw30410

    Thanks for the clarity here! Setting an overall for the Campaign isn't currently available but would definitely make a great Feature Request. 

  • Is there a reminder feature for deferments or will I need to run a report each month?

  • @njatcko

    Great question! You would need to run a report to see/track the progress and see who is behind in their Pledge. Notifications for this are not built into Breeze at this time. 

  • @Stephen Ivey

    Thank you.

  • Good morning!  We had 4 parishioners that pre-paid their pledges for 2020 in Dec. 2019.   We sent out statements last week and two advised they wished the statement percentage at the bottom of the page would reflect their pledge was paid in full.   

    For instance, this parishioner paid his 2020 pledge on 31 Dec 2019.   His statement reflects the payment, but this line shows the percentage is zero:

    2020 Pledge 01/01/20 - 12/31/20
    $15,000.00 Annually
    $0.00 of $15,000.00
    $15,000.00 Remaining

    Is there a way to fix this?   Many thanks!  Christine


  • Christine,

    To get the pre-payment to show up in the correct pledge year you have to change the deposit date to the first date of the pledge year.  For example, if your pledge year runs July 1 to June 30 then regardless of when the payment was made you need to make the deposit date July 1 of the new pledge year. You just need to go back the the actual payment, edit it and change the date. Hopefully that makes sense.

    It's a pain but I believe it is the only way to get the payment applied to the correct pledge period.


  • @Christine, thanks for asking about this! You would simply want to edit these individuals pledges to start on the date of their first gift. If they prepaid Dec 30 2019, you would want the pledge for that individual person to be edited to start December 2019. The gift absolutely must be recorded on the date that it was given, for tax purposes. However, the pledge can reflect the start date of the day they actually gave their first gift to this campaign. This will ensure their statement shows only the giving for this year, but also shows the full amount they have paid towards the pledge. Let us know if you have any additional questions about this! We can be reached by email at

    @williamkrisher thanks for jumping in and helping! We would recommend best practice to be, recording the gift the date the gift was given (for tax purposes) and then adjusting the individual pledge to reflect a start date of their first gift. 

  • Bill:    In our case the pledge year is from 1 Jan thru 31 Dec.  If the pre-payment is made on 31 Dec for the following fiscal year pledge, changing the date of the payment would cause a discrepancy in our bank deposit?   The parishioner is wanting the pledge credited for 2020 but the tax write-off for 2019.   



  • Ashley & Bill:  Thank you so much for your responses!   Will follow your advice, Ashley.   

    Blessings to you both!   

  • I think I was somewhat confusing in what I wrote.  If I receive a payment on Dec. 19, 2019 to be applied to the fiscal year which runs July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021, I record the payment and deposit on Dec. 19, 2019.  However, in the Add Contribution section where is says Date, I change that to July 1, 2020.  Then the payment is shown as being received and deposited in 2019 and the amount then gets applied to the 20-21 pledge year.

    This may or may not be the best way to handle prepayments, but it works for me.  I have tried changing the pledge year start and end dates to overlap, but that didn't seem to work and the payment was always applied to the current pledge year.

  • WIlliamKrishner: The problem with the way you're doing it, the contribution will show only on the members's 2020 annual giving statement, meaning they couldn't deduct from their 2019 taxes. (Or at least they wouldn't have documentation that said they could; that's an issue for them and IRS to work out. But if they did deduct in 2019, then they'd get a 2020 giving statement saying they could deduct again. That's just going to cause problems.)

    It also means your records in Breeze won't match your bank records, which could be problematic.

    I'm  hoping that you have a fund for the FY 2020 contributions, separate from FY 2019 contributions. And separate campaigns for the two FY budgets.

    Setting things up that way, you could set the start date of the FY 2020 pledge to Dec 19, 2019, at least for this giver, and record the contribution on that date. Totals for each fund will be right. Legally deductible amounts will be right. Your bank records will be clear. Someone coming back two hears from now trying to figure this all out won't be totally confused. Life will be simpler for all.

  • Now that there is an easier way to archive obsolete fund names, it makes sense to name each fund for pledges by year, ie Pledge 2020, Pledge 2019, Pledge 2020 from IRA, Pledge 2019 from IRA.  It has solved a big problem for us because our fiscal year now runs July through June, yet some folks using IRAs/RMDs to pay their pledge are of course thinking in calendar year.  I can flag the IRA funds as non-tax deductible and added a note in that section on the statement template. 

  • Now that it is easier to archive fund names not currently in use, recording payments for those who are paying with IRA/RMD funds is working better because I can flag them as non-deductible with a note in that section of the statement template.  For example, Pledge 2019, Pledge 2019 from IRA, Pledge 2020, Pledge 2020 from IRA. Of course right in the middle of this, our church voted to change the fiscal year to July 2020 through June 2021.  We created funds for Pledge 2020 Jan-June and Pledge 2020 Jan-June IRA.  Some folks then paid on a calendar year with their IRA fund, but by spliting up the payment to the two funds, and making the start date of each pledge for that person as the date the IRA payment was received, those statements looked fine at the end of June.  The only challenge at the end of the calendar year, when we aren't in our pledge drive yet, is that these IRA folks wil have to be contacted to see if they plan to continue with their annual giving (to finish out the fiscal pledge year). Nothing is simple when people are involved!

  • @jessiewt thanks for adding to the conversation here! I am glad to know that the ability to archive funds has been helpful for you and your organization! My church has appreciated this feature as well! You are correct, having a "fund" to match each pledge has been incredibly helpful. Switching the fiscal year sounds incredibly daunting, best of luck to you guys as you make these adjustments and navigate through the changes. Please let us know if there any anything we can assist with! 


  • How do you allow people to make a pledge online? It seems only admins can enter a pledge. One of your support videos said you can use a breeze form to let people make a pledge. Can you explain how this works? And am I missing something? Why can’t people go online and make a pledge? In this time of Covid when a lot of people aren’t coming into the church, we need them to be able to pledge online. (I’m not in the financial side - communications support here, trying to help support the annual pledge campaign chairs).
    We would like to have an online form like this:

  • @Communications - I don't think there's a way to let members create an actual pledge online, but we created a form to let people enter pledge information. It was pretty easy for me to (as Financial Secretary) to enter the pledges from the form results.

    I suppose if you have a big church and are dealing with hundreds of pledges instead of 10s, that might be something of a chore.

    One possibility: Create a form, download the form as excel and massage the results into the CSV format that lets you bulk upload pledges.  The CSV column look like:

    "Breeze ID","First Name","Last Name","Campaign Name","Fund Name","Total Pledge Amount","Beginning Date","Ending Date","Include All Family Members","Note"

    (Though I don't know if "Breeze ID" is required. I don't think you'll get that when you download the form results.)

    Oh, and we don't have people actually schedule payments through our form since we use a separate system for online giving. They just make a pledge, and we expect them to set up however they will fulfill their pledge.

  • @DeAnna that is a great question! As it turns out, there is not a way currently to set a goal amount for each campaign. When each Pledge is entered, the system will add up the total pledged and that is your total campaign pledge amount. I can totally see how helpful it would be to set a goal amount for the campaign and if you'd like, you can fill out a feature request here: Thank you, DeAnna!