View and Modify Recurring Donations

Online Giving through Breeze allows people to set up recurring donations to your church. It is important that you understand how to help donors manage these recurring donations.

View and Search Recurring Donations

  • Navigate to "More" > "Contributions" > "Online Giving."
  • Towards the bottom of the page, you'll see the "Recurring" tab. Click on this tab. 
  • You will see a list of all of your recurring donors.

In the search bar at the top of this tab, you can filter the recurring donations list by name, amount or frequency. 2020-02-20_21-36-52.png

Search Week to show gifts scheduled weekly.
Search 2 Weeks to show gifts scheduled for every 2 Weeks.
Search Month to show all monthly recurring gifts.
Search Year to show all gifts scheduled yearly.

Modify Recurring Donations

To modify a recurring donation from the admin side:

  1. Navigate to "More" > "Contributions" > "Online Giving."
  2. Towards the bottom of the page, you'll see the "Recurring" tab. Click on this tab. 
  3. Find the recurring payment you would like to modify and click the amount.
  4. In the Recurring Payment window click "Change" to the right of the section, you'd like to modify
    • Payment Method Section, use this to Update or change the Payment Method of the recurring gift. 
    • Schedule Sectionuse this to adjust the date, amount, frequency, and fund of the recurring gift. 
    • Donor Section: Reassign the association of this recurring giver to a new person.  
When a donor first sets up a recurring donation, they can choose the start date, up to one month in advance.  When modifying the recurring donation either from the admin side or from the donor's side, you are able to push the next donation out up to 6 months out in the future.
Future-dated recurring donations are accessible in the Online Giving > Recurring Gifts section of Breeze. If you happen to remove a fund in the Funds section that a recurring donation is set for, the recurring gift will readjust to go to the new fund you selected to move the contributions to when you deleted the fund. See article on Funds for more information.
To modify a recurring donation from the user's end:
      1. Log into Breeze and Click on "Give Now" > "Recurring Gifts" (on the left)
      2. Click "change" next to the recurring gift you wish to update
      3. Click "Show More Options"
      4. Click "Change" next to the section you'd like to modify and make your desired changes.
If you, as the donor, do not have a way to log in or you do not see the "Give Now" tab, please contact your church administrator.
If you do not see your recurring donation appear in the "recurring gifts" page, please contact your church administrator as the gift may not have been associated.

Stopping a Recurring Donation

  1. Navigate to "More" > "Contributions" > "Online Giving."
  2. Towards the bottom of the page, you'll see the "Recurring" tab. Click on this tab.
  3. Search for the donation you'd like to modify and click the amount.
  4. Select "Stop Recurring Gift" at the bottom left of the Recurring Payment 


Export Recurring Donors

  1. Navigate to "More" > "Contributions" > "Online Giving."
  2. Towards the bottom of the page, you'll see the "Recurring" tab. Click on this tab. 
  3. You will see a list of all of your recurring donors.
  4. In the upper right-hand corner of this tab click "Download As Excel"1
This will download a complete list of every donor, the day they started their recurring gift, their name, frequency, next charge date, and amount.

Failed Recurring Gift Retry Schedule

If a Recurring gift payment fails, then Stripe will use a Smart Retry schedule. This is a tool that calculates when a card is most likely to successfully process instead of retrying it on a set schedule.

Using Smart Retries, a card will try to process up to 4 times in a 28 day period, after which it will be canceled. 

The giver and the primary user will both receive notification emails each time a gift fails. 

  • The first two emails say that the payment failed to process.
  • The third email says the payment failed to process and that this is the last notification before the gift gets canceled.
  • The fourth email says that the payment failed to process and that the gift has been canceled.

For ACH Payments, If the attempt fails, then the church is charged a $1 "returned check fee" and the recurring gift is canceled immediately.  An attempt will not be made again on ACH payments. 

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  • Hi,

    Is there a way to define an automatic end date for recurring donations (or a fixed # of monthly donations)?  We often have donors that want to make monthly contributions, but only for the next x months (to satisfy a pledge, for example).


  • @fkhan1

    Great question here! Unfortunately, there is not an automatic way to set an end date for a recurring gift. If you start one, then you have to manually end it as well. Prayerfully, this information is helpful for you!



  • We use Stripe to process transactions.  So, I don't think we can utilize the "Give Now" option.  Is there a way for donors to manage their own recurring donations?  Or does that have to be handled by an admin?

  • Hey @Greg!
    Great question! You're right, if you use a third-party giving solution then donors can only manage their recurring gifts through your third-party portal (in this case Stripe) if they have access to it. But yes, if you used Breeze Online giving (we also use Stripe on the backend), your donors could definitely manage their recurring donations inside of Breeze :)

  • Regarding modifying a recurring payment from the users end.  We have embedded the link onto our website so our members do not sign into breeze when paying.  I have a member who signed up for recurring payments but then needed to edit it and could not determine how to do so on her side.  Is there a way to do this for the member without having to sign into Breeze?  

  • Can a donor make a recurring contribution twice/month (semi-monthly)? If so, how do we set this up? Thanks.

  • @hjkatzman

    Absolutely you can! On your Online Giving page, select the "one-time gift" option and change it to "every 2 weeks." I hope this helps!

  • @Connor Alvis: Not to be nit-picky, but "every two weeks" is not the same as semi-monthly.  In a year's time you end up with 26 payments when you pay every two weeks, and only 24, when it's semi-monthly.

    @hjkatzman: If it were me, I would try having the person set up 2 identical recurring gifts - one that pays on the 1st of each month, and one that pays on the 15th (or whatever dates they chose).  

    I have a member who wants to pay quarterly, but that doesn't seem possible. *sigh*

  • @wyndwoman

    Great suggestion here! I like the way you're thinking. I think Submitting a Feature Request would be the best route to allow our team to hear this great feedback from both of you! 


  • It would be helpful to make a copy of this guidance that JUST has the instructions for donors.  There is way too much in this one article for me to expect a congregant to find just the information they need to turn off or adjust their giving.


  • @churchadmin

    Thank you for the additional feedback here! We will certainly pass that on to our moderators.

  • Hello,

    I’d like to setup recurring payments but I’m afraid I will not have the ability to manage my own recurring payment. Is there any option for me to setup an account independently of the church, so that I can manage my own recurring payments? I don’t feel much trust in using a system I cannot control. This is preventing me to schedule payments.

  • Hi @marquesed!

    Thanks for reaching out to Breeze! Great question! While Breeze does have this ability so that you are able to control your online giving, it is up to each church and organization to allow access to their congregation to have access. I would recommend reaching out to your church and letting them know you'd like to have access to this. They can help set this up for you.

    Happy Breezing! 

  • How can a donor change or stop recurring donation on his/her end?

  • Hi @iwona,

    That's a great question. The donor is able to edit their own recurring gift if they have a username and password with your church's Breeze account. If that's the case, then they can modify their donation easily by following these steps:

    1. Log into Breeze and Click on "Give Now" > "Recurring Gifts" (on the left)
    2. Click "change" next to the recurring gift you wish to update
    3. Click "Show More Options"
    4. Click "Change" next to the section you'd like to modify and make your desired changes.

    I hope that helps!

  • Yes, thanks!

  • Is there a way to get a breakdown of funds for Recurring Payments? For instance I want to know how many recurring gifts are to Offering, how many are to our debt campaign, etc...Can this be done without accessing each persons recurring payment?


  • Hey @skaraba!

    As the functionality for a breakdown of recurring payments isn't quite there yet, I think I have a workaround! It will require you to make a tag of all of your recurring givers manually. Then, use our resource Contribution Filter Report for a specific group of People to filter through that specific tag to get a fund overview and breakdown of those gifts. You can even hit "Amount" -> "Search by Sum" to get an overview of totals per person. This might also factor in some "non-recurring gifts" but hopefully will get you the information you need (maybe through Excel for some more customization!)

    I hope this helps!