Online Giving Options Outside of Breeze

If you'd prefer to use an alternate payment platform (i.e. not the built-in Breeze payments system), Breeze allows churches to receive money through third-party payment providers and have those donations show up within Breeze. We have two types of integration:

Automated Integration

Automated integration means that the donations show up automatically within Breeze when the donor gives a gift. Some payment processors must be used with Breeze's Third-Party giving page. Third-parties that have automated integration are:

Continue to Give
Third parties with this symbol, in addition to being used for online giving, can also be integrated with Forms to accept registration payments.
1May not send an ACH contribution to Breeze until it clears the bank which can be up to 8 days.
2Contributions must be given through the Breeze generated third-party giving page to show up in Breeze. If given through the processor's terminal, they will not show up in Breeze.
3Breeze's third-party giving page is not European SCA compliant when used with Stripe or and should not be used by European organizations or organizations with payments originating in the EU. Paypal + Breeze Third-Party Giving Page is SCA-Compliant.
Note: PayPal Instructions. It is necessary for it to be a US based, business account. You must also insert link into the PayPal Instant Payment Notification page

Things to Know: 

When you integrate from a Third Party donation system, we simply receive information from what they push over. In an effort to ensure that you receive the best support possible, if you notice any issues with your manual integration file, please reach out to them directly. They will be well equipped to assist you in this area.

Manual Integration

Manual integration means that the church can export a file from the third party donation system and import that file into Breeze (view specific steps). This can be done however often the church desires (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc). Third parties that have manual integration are:


Setting Up a Third Party Automated Integration 

Only Breeze generated third party giving pages need to be set up this way, not all third party Automated Integrations are set up this way. If using a third party integration that is a manual integration, you will use the Import Giving Tool: Import Giving

  1. Navigate to "More" > "Contributions" > "Online Giving."
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the Online Giving page and click "Prefer to use a third party online giving option? Switch to our third party giving page" link.
  3. Choose your third party giving method you are wanting to enable and hit "select provider". Follow the directions for the automated processor, you're looking to integrate. 


You can only connect one Stripe account or Paypal third party account to Breeze at this time. You can use Breeze's Online Giving and a third party page together. 

Keep in Mind: Each Third Party Integration is slightly different in how they post or record gifts in Breeze. To find a report/gifts that were given through a third party giving platform, you can look in several places. One option is to Navigate to More > Contributions > Batches. This section will usually show the name of the third party platform posted in the name field of the batch. You can also search by date and include the Notes column or Method column to see the giving platforms name in this section. If you are having trouble locating your third party report or gifts please contact our support team.


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  • Hi there, are we able to use both Breeze and a automated integration like Paypal? Some of our members give through a link we provide to a Paypal page. It would be great if these donations could automatically be added to the members record. Thanks

  • Hey @brit1brit!

    While you cannot connect directly from your PayPal account through the Breeze Online Giving section, you can connect it through our Third Party Online Giving page in Breeze! This will send all information back to Breeze for your records, and connect it to the members record but all deposit information would be found in your personal PayPal dashboard.

    If you have any additional questions, please let us know. 

    Happy Breezing! 

  • Thanks Emily and sorry I didn’t phrase that right. For donations, are we allowed to use both Breeze and connect to your third party online giving page at the same time. Some of our members use different avenues to donate, Paypal, CashApp, etc. so was thinking this process would cut down on data entry for members don’t use their CHMS when donating. If that makes sense.

  • Hey @brit1brit,

    Yes, you can connect Breeze Online Giving and have a Third-Party Online Giving connect to Breeze at the same time. 


  • Hi there, when I go to the bottom on the online giving. It says “prefer to use a third party online giving option? switch to our third party giving page.” We want to use both, Breeze and have Paypal pull in the giving made through PayPal. How do we do that? Thanks

  • Hey @brit1brit!

    To best serve you, I believe a phone call or scheduled meeting would be the best for this particular topic as we realize some topics get a bit hairy to work through via chat or email.

    Click here to select a time for callback:

    If you'd prefer to call in at your convenience, we're available 9-6 Eastern Time at 888-320-6030.

    Happy to serve!


  • Hi! I think (hope) I have EasyTithe set up correctly.  So when the push from them to breeze, does it create it's own batch or does it just show under a person individual profile? Thanks! :) 

  • Does Breeze charge a fee when money is received through 3rd party giving?

  • Hey @carl! 

    Great question! Breeze won't charge any fee for money received from your third party giving integration. The fee is dependent upon the third party of your choosing. Breeze will just store receipts of the transaction from your third party so you can pull accurate giving statements. 

    Hope this helps!

  • Thank you for the quick reply

  • @Carl, you're more than welcome! 

    Feel free to Contact Breeze Support with any more questions you might have!

    God bless,

  • Can Breeze sync with Square point of sale?

  • @sgieseymhop Great question! You can use the import giving template to import all donations given through Square. You can read more about that option here