Online Giving Options Outside of Breeze

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    What fees are involved if using third party such as PayPal?

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    Hey there, great question!

    When setting up a third party giving option, there are no additional fees that you have to pay through Breeze! You only pay the third party's (PayPal's) fees. For PayPal, those can be found here


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    Our church currently uses a combination of PushPay and BluePay. If we switch from our current ChMS to Breeze, can we continue to use PushPay and BluePay?

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    Emily W.

    Hi there @marcy! 

    Yes, you could continue to use both PushPay and BluePay because they are both Manuel Integrations, you would simply just import those files into Breeze one at a time (view specific steps). This can be done however often the church desires (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc). :) 

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    I know among the outside vendors for online giving outside of Breeze that provide 'automated integration' that PayPal and Stripe are the only vendors that can be used to accept payments for events (via forms).  My question which I'm hoping someone knows the answer to is regarding PayPal.  I know Nathan had provided a link to PayPal fees in an earlier post.  I also know PayPal has a non-profit rate of 2.2% plus $0.30 per transactions.  I know this is the rate for a credit card donation.  But what if the donor using money already in their PayPal account OR 'pays' with their bank checking account to make that donation.  So it would be basically an ACH transaction.  Would PayPal still charge 2.2% plus $0.30?  They never mention any other rate anywhere on their site. Would it transaction be 'free' of fees.  Hoping someone is using PayPal and already knows the answer to this question. thanks.

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