Contribution Batches

A batch represents a collection of contributions that are grouped together. Typically this group would represent a series of contributions that were all given at the same time, such as "Sunday Morning" or "Sunday Morning 9:15 Service" on a given date. When adding a contribution, a batch is automatically opened and all subsequent entries are added to that batch. The batch will not be closed until you manually click the "Close Batch" button. After closing the batch, new entries will be added to a new batch.

How to Add a Batch

To add entries to a batch:

  1. Navigate to "More > Contributions."
  2. On the "Add Contribution" page, you'll see a batch number on the right. This is the batch any contributions will be added to.
  3. If the batch already has entries in it, you can click "Close Batch" to close the batch and add entries to a new batch number.

Note: To add entries to a pre-existing batch, on the "Add Contributions" screen click the batch number. From the dropdown list that appears, select the batch that you'd like to add contributions into. There is a limit to the number of batches that cna be created. The largest number batch that can be created is 2,147,483,657. Once this number is reached (generally from a Contribution import from a file) all batches will reflect this number moving forward, and all batches beyond this will be linked together since they can't move past this limit. To resolve this error, simply delete the batches and import a file with the correct batch numbers.

How to View a Batch

To view details for a given batch:

  1. Navigate to "More > Contributions."
  2. Click "Batches" on the left.
  3. Click the batch number corresponding to the batch you'd like to view.
  4. You will be shown a list of all contributions within that batch as well as summary information.

How to Close a Batch

To close a batch:

  1. Navigate to "More > Contributions."
  2. Ensure you're on the "Add Contributions" page.
  3. On the right of the page, beneath the batch number, click the "Close Batch" button.

Note: Batches will also automatically close when closing your browser window.  For example, you will have to quit Chrome, not just x out of the window for the batch to close. To re-open a batch to add more contributions, see change batch.

How to Change a Batch

There may be occasions where a batch is accidentally closed prematurely or you'd simply like to add a contribution(s) to a previous batch number. While you can change the batch number on contributions that were already submitted by editing the contribution, to add new contributions into a previous batch you can do the following:

  1. Navigate to "More > Contributions."
  2. Ensure you're on the "Add Contributions" page.
  3. Click the "Current Batch" number on the right of the screen. It will change to a drop-down menu.
  4. Use the drop-down menu to select the batch you'd like to enter contributions into.

Note: If contributions are accidentally added to the wrong batch, you will need to edit contributions individually to adjust the contributions to reflect the correct batch. At this time there is not a way to merge batches.

To change the name of a batch, simply navigate to the batch list (More<Contributions<Batches). Under the "Name" column in the batch line, click to enter name.

Online Giving Batches

The "Online (Date Range)" batches are created automatically within Breeze and cover a range of Sunday-Saturday. These online batches will open and close automatically. They will close at 12:00am UTC and then the next week online batch opens up. Forms with payments will also open and close batches automatically.

We do not recommend using batches to reconcile Breeze with your bank deposits. We recommend using the transfer report found in the online giving reporting to show you transfer totals and individual payments. Check out our resource on Reconciling Online Giving for our best practice here.

Editing the name on an online giving batch will cause Breeze to create a new online giving batch the next time an online gift is received in Breeze. It will have the same date range for that week ranging from Sunday - Saturday. 

Since batches automatically open on Sunday, if you enter contributions on Sunday, you'll want to ensure that you have refreshed your screen before adding new contributions, as the next batch you may be entering into may already be being used as the online giving batch. If you do get stuck entering in gifts into an online giving batch, simply close out the batch and move to the next batch number in sequence. Editing a contribution will help you change any gifts added to that batch by mistake.

How to Delete a Batch

Batches cannot be deleted after they have been opened.  Clicking the "x" to the right of the batch number will only delete the contributions in that batch.  If you need to remove a batch, the Breeze Best Practice is to move all the transactions out of that batch and to name the batch "closed for x reason" or something along those lines.

We do not allow for batches to be deleted as it creates an inconsistency within the batch numbers, as our batches count up in number (100, 101, 102, etc.). If a batch were to be deleted, it would disrupt the sequential order, therefore making reconciliation difficult.

To delete all of the contributions within a batch, click the X to the right of the batch. This will not delete the batch number, but will allow you to easily delete all contributions in the specific batch at a time.

Contribution batches do not start over each year but continue with the number sequence.

How to Print a Batch

If you need to print a batch, you can simply right click to print the batch with totals (and/or hide any additional details beforehand by using the column tab in the right corner to remove or add details). 

How to Edit a Batch Name

Editing a batch name can be done by simply clicking on the batch name.

How to Export a Batch

To download an Excel file of a Batch:   

  1. Navigate to "More > Contributions."
  2.  Click "Batches" on the left.
  3. Click the batch number corresponding to the batch you'd like to view. You will be shown a list of all contributions within that batch as well as summary information.
  4.  Click Download as Excel.

Note: The Excel file contains 3 sheets. Sheet one is the individual contributions. Sheet two is the Batch broken down by fund totals. Sheet three is the batch broken down by method totals.


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  • Is there a way to "lock" a batch after it's been closed?  I'm finding it so easy to edit that my concern is accidentally making a change I had not intended. I'm wondering if there is an additional security feature that might help to prevent unintended edits!

  • Hey @spronovost!

    Thanks for writing in. That's a neat idea! At this time that is not a current feature within Breeze but we're happy to think it over. Would you consider sharing this on our feature request page? If so, check this page out:

    Happy Breezing! 

  • When entering contributions to a batch (in screen shot below), is there any way to enter the person's name and have their envelope # populate automatically on that screen?  (We use certain envelope #'s as a shorthand to indicate whether someone is a pledger or an occasional giver, so we know which fund to put it in.) 

  • @office

    Thanks for reaching out to the Community today! 

    The functionality that you are mentioning as it relates to an envelope number appearing when a person's name is typed in the Contributions area, currently does not exist within Breeze. The general logic behind the contributions entry screen is that a name or envelope number would have been provided when the gift was submitted. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause!

    This however, would fit within the scope of a feature request! Click here to Submit A Feature Request.



  • Can you set the envelope number as the default for entering contributions, or do you always have to click the drop-down to enter the # vs name? 

    All of our contributions are assigned to one or more funds.  Is there a default fund that you can set up? 

    Where can I navigate to view a batch report and see how it is presented? 

    When I enter contributions by envelope number, does the name appear to verify that I put in the right number?

    What appears on the batch report, the name, envelope # or both?

  • Hello @eshiverdecker!

    Great questions! 

    The default is always going to be name. When entering a batch however, it will stay on the envelope number during a batch that is open until closed. Once a batch is closed it will default back to original settings.

    You can assign contributions to multiple funds. There is a general default fund. 

    To view batches: Navigate to More<Contributions<Batches.

    Yes, a name will appear when entering envelope numbers.

    You can choose what appears on a batch report.

    Here are some additional resources from our Help Center:

    Adding Contributions

    Contribution Batches

    Contributions Video

    Searching Contributions and Creating Giving Reports

    Creating and Editing Methods for Contributions (Check/Cash/Card/etc.)

    Using Envelope Numbers

    FAQ's on Envelope Numbers


    Hope these are most helpful!

    If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.  You can reach us at 888-320-6030 or email us at


  • Today I posted contributions to a batch, confirmed the total with the counter and closed the batch.  I found that I had posted a contribution (one with several different fund designations) to the wrong fund.  I went back into the batch and tried to correct the fund designation (not changing the amount) and a message came up telling me that the amount was not correct.  It assumed that I had subtracted the amount of the entry (fund) and would not let me close without going back.  This of course put me right back where I started.  

    Is there another way to make this correction?

    Thank you,

    Carol Mullins

  • @Carol

    Thanks for reaching out to the Forum! Editing an Entry is super easy in Breeze and should be able to allow you to edit all areas of a contribution. As long as the Fund designations add up to the total amount in the gift, then you shouldn't receive any errors. If you do, please contact us on our support line or through email so that we can trouble shoot this with you! See here: Editing a Contribution



  • Hello, How often are systemic batches created?  When we do an event, like a "Women's Retreat" and accept payments online, the payments are spread out over many batches.  We are manually editing the batches into one in order to keep the funds consolidated.  Just curious if there is any type of filter to have funds go to one particular batch.  Hope that makes sense.  Thanks for any help you can provide

  • @nmbchurch The "Online (Date Range)" batches are created automatically within Breeze and cover a range of Sunday-Saturday. These online batches will open and close automatically. They will close at 12:00am UTC and then the next week online batch opens up. Forms with payments will also open and close batches automatically.


    Rather than manipulating the batch, which can be laborious, we recommend creating a fund (such as "Women's Retreat") so all payments are placed into that one fund. You can then quickly see all the payments paid towards that fund by heading to Funds and clicking on the "Women's Retreat fund".  You can read more about Funds here:

    I hope this helps!

  • Hello!  Is there a way to memorize a repeating batch?  Or copy an existing batch? We have monthly EFT batches that are almost always the same people, amounts and funds, with just the dates changing, It would be great to not have to enter each one of the contributions each month.  Thank you!!

  • @fm

    Great question here! Unfortunately, there is not a way to copy/duplicate a batch. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. I'm assuming your EFT gifts are happening outside if Breeze. If this is the case, I would suggest using our Import Giving function to import those gifts so that you're not having to manually enter them each time. 

    Please let us know if that's useful for you!


  • How do I create a second open batch? 

    The online contributions batch has automatically opened up with several entries.  I need to create the next batch with Sunday service contributions, which is separate from the online.  How do I open a new batch without closing the current batch?

    If I close the online batch for this week, will the system automatically create a subsequent online batch - in which case, that is ok for me to create my Sunday contribution batch.  Or will it cause a problem for contributions given online after today but within the 'automatic' batch date range?

    If closing the online batch causes problems, is there a way to create my new batch without closing the online batch?

  • Hey @office,

    Ashley here with Breeze! Thanks so much for asking about this! On rare occasion you may open Breeze and see the online giving batch open, that really is just impeccable timing on your part! You opened contributions right as the online giving batch was opening. Feel free to close that batch, which will allow you to start with a new subsequent batch for your donations! The Online Giving ["Online (Date Range)"] batches are created automatically within Breeze and cover a range of Sunday-Saturday. These online batches will open and close automatically and there is no problem with you closing one of these batches if you ever run into this again! 


    Hope this helps! If you have any additional questions about this please feel free to reach out to the Customer Success Team at Breeze