Refunding Online Giving

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    Hi Breeze, is there a refund fee added in this procedure?

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    Emily W.

    Hey @sethking!

    We credit the processing fee back. :)

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    Hi Emily, 

    so the processing fee is 2.9%+$0.3/transaction for credit cards, am I correct?

    If we refund partially, for instance, the event payment is $30, and we issued a $15 refund, how does it affect the processing fee credit?

    Also, we noticed that online registration fee was under "online giving" menu in the system, yet in fact "registration fee" is not an "offering", are there ways to separate these incomes for the convenience of financial department?

    Thank you!  

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    Hey @sethking!  The partial refund will give a partial refund of the processing fee.  The $0.30 will remain as it's standard no matter what the gift amount was, but the 2.9% fee will be refunded reflect the amount given back.  If a $30 payment resulted in $1.17 in fees ($0.87 + $0.30), then the new fee would reflect $0.74.

    As for the Online Giving Menu - that's the only place to view the entire breakdown of transactions via online giving, however, the use of forms and designating a specific fun for the registration fees to go into would give you the ability to separate out the general giving from the event registration.

    If you go to More > Contributions and choose "Reports", under the "more" dropdown in the reports you'll see an option of "form" where you can view the specific funds given via a form entry. 

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