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    I'm wondering...can the person who makes a follow up assignment be notified by email at the time a follow up is closed, similar to the way the email goes out when a follow up is initially assigned? It seems at this time we have to wait for the weekly notifications email to find out which follow ups have been completed.

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    Hey - right now the weekly notifications is the best way to be notified as to whether or not a follow up has been completed.  You can also go to the follow ups page (More > Follow Ups) to view which ones have or have not been completed, however, we do not have a method to email the assignee once the follow up has been completed.

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    Can the person be notified via text, instead of an email?

    I have several ppl in my group that do not have an email account

    Please advise..

    Noemi Perla

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    Hey Noemi - Follow ups can only be sent via Email.  However, you can go to the assignee's profile after sending them a follow up and use the text feature from their profile to alert them that they have a follow up assignment. 

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