Assigning a Follow Up

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    Mike Sparks

    Good morning. Is there a way to assign multiple people for follow-up at the same time.  For example, using attendance I find 9 people who missed 3 weeks, I would like to assign a follow-up for all nine people.

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    Is there a way to automatically have a followup assigned when a form is filled out? Say someone fills out our form for small group information can the followup automatically be assigned to the small group director?

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    I have the same questions as the above people.

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    Hey Mike - Great question. right now follow ups can only be assigned to one person at a time.  You can assign multiple follow ups for one person, but only a single person can be the subject of the follow up.  This is something on our radar and we are hoping to implement a solution for this! We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time. 

    Bethany & Anne - We have just rolled out our new Automated Tasks feature.  Right now auto assignment after a form is not an option to be turned into a tag, however that is definitely something that could happen in the next phase.  We only rolled out a few at the beginning to make sure that we had the concept down and then once we are satisfied with the functionality, we'll begin to roll out new ones. 

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