Creating New Follow Up Options

Overview: You can create or edit follow up options.  You can assign new owners to existing options, or start from scratch. 

  1. Navigate to "More > Follow Ups > Options."
  2. Click "Add New Option" in the upper right.
  3. Fill in the fields.1
  4. Click "Create." This will now be an eligible follow up option when assigning a follow up.
1 The "Assigned To" user and "Time to Complete" will show as the selected default options when creating new follow up assignments.


Settings in Adding New Options:



The name of the Follow Up.  Commonly used Follow Up names are "New Attendee", "Baptism", "Membership", "______ ministry", etc. 


A description of the purpose of the Follow Up.  For example, if the name is "New Attendee" then the description could be "please send 'thanks for visiting' card in the mail".  If the name is "Children's Ministry" the description could be "interested in learning more about Children's Ministry"

Assigned to:

This is who should receive the Follow Up notice. A user must have a role with "Follow Ups" checked off to be displayed in this list.  The person who the Follow Up is being assigned to will be the one who receives an email and is responsible to complete the Follow Up.

Time to Complete: 

The number of days before the follow up will be "due". 



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  • Is there a way to assign a follow up to a "tagged person or group". 

    For example: Assigning a general visitor follow up to "group 2 leaders" that are tagged in the system.

  • @nealcalhoun at this time Follow-Ups can only be assigned to one "User" with permission granted to "follow-ups" at a time. There is no way to assign a follow-up option to multiple people to have them complete the follow-up. 

  • For different Follow Up Options is there a way to limit the 'list of who can be assigned" to this Option.  Currently 'everyone' who is authorized to handle a follow up will show up on the list. 

    We want to create different followups:  baptisms, membership, visitor follow up..    

    For Baptisms it would be nice that only the pastors and office staff can be assigned to follow up.  the 'default' would be say our Office Manager, but you can choose a different person from the pull down list.  We want to limit that pull down list to a few specific people.  Currently the list includes everyone who is authorized to do any type of follow up which could be a lot of people.

    I don't believe there is currently a way but maybe changing followups in the future so we could limit the pull-down list to the people that have say a specific Tag (a tag which would be assigned to specific group of people who could be assigned such a follow up would help.  Just an idea.


  • @archielee

    Great question! Unfortunately, the permissions aren't that granular. Anyone with the Follow Up permission will be eligible to be selected from the list. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause and encourage you to submit a Feature Request for this if it is imperative for your church. 


  • Is there a way to automatically omit or delete follow up for individuals that did not provide contact info?

  • @lockd

    Great question! Unfortunately, this functionality doesn't currently exist in Breeze. However, I think it's a great idea! Feature requests are the number one way that we make changes within Breeze! I highly encourage you to submit one so that your voice can be heard in this area. Click here: Submitting Feature Requests


  • Is there a way to assign a follow-up from a Form. Such as the following:

    Please check the following:

           "Offering Envelopes"

    Then we could setup an in-house automatic follow-up to assign them Offering Envelopes?

  • @crystal

    Great question! Unfortunately, follow-ups cannot be created from a form. The only way to initiate a follow up is in the follow-ups section or from a previously completed follow up through our automation. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by this!

    If you have additional questions, please feel free to call us or reach us by email: 

  • Is there a way to set up an alert when someone has attended two times? Once someone has attended two times I invite them for coffee. After their first visit is too soon for this purpose. Thanks!

  • Hi ryan,

    That's a great idea! Unfortunately, there isn't currently a way in Breeze to trigger a Follow Up for second time attendance. However, it is possible to see when this happens manually by looking at the Overview tab when viewing the details of a given event. 

    It will look like this: 


    From there, you can click on the bar to see who the names are, and then assign Follow Ups for them! I know it's a little bit of extra work, but I hope that helps!

    Here's to many more great coffee appointments!

  • I've had a request from one of our elders to schedule a follow-up for him for a group of people he checks in on regularly. He would like it to be scheduled so he gets a follow-up once per day for one person from his group. Is this possible?

  • Hey @office!

    Great question here! You can definitely set up a follow up option that will give him one day to complete checking in on this one person. Then you will need to create an Automatic Follow Up Progression that assigns him the same follow up immediately after he completes the first one. This will create a loop for him to be assigned follow ups automatically!

    If you'd like some help getting this set up, please reach out to us at and we'd be happy to assist with this!

    Cheers :) 

  • Hello again, Darcey (or whoever answers this)--

    I'm finally getting back to this and wondering if you understood my question correctly. This elder has a group of about 20 people that he needs to check in with on a rotational basis. He's wondering if I can set up follow-ups that rotate through his list of people, 1 person per day. The instructions you gave me sound like he'll get reminders for the same person every day? Or did I misunderstand? Thanks for your help!