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MailChimp Integration

Sync MailChimp with your groups within Breeze.

Churches that use MailChimp and maintain a church database can feel like they're keeping two databases up-to-date. The two can get out of sync really easily. With our MailChimp integration, you can connect groups within Breeze (through Tags) to a MailChimp List so that when people are added, removed, or modified in that group, MailChimp is automatically updated accordingly. Watch the video above for more on MailChimp integration.

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  • If someone uses Mailchimp to unsubscribe, how does that affect their Breeze account? Will they be re-subscribed once the accounts sync again?

  • We're considering Mailchimp, largely for the more robust presentation tools it offers for emails. I understand we could continue to manage our mailing lists from Breeze, but it sounds like that function, including the automated sync, only works with tags. If we wanted, for instance, to populate a Mailchimp audience or tag with contact info for everyone in Breeze with the status of 'Visitor', would we first have to create a 'Visitor' tag in Breeze, apply it to all our Visitors, and then export that tag to Mailchimp?

    Thanks for your help with this.



  • @mmm1802

    Great question! You are exactly right. You would need to create a visitor tag in Breeze first which would then allow you to connect that tag to MailChimp! If you encounter any errors with this, please don't hesitate to let us know!