Accepting Payments on Forms

Users are able to create forms to accept payments. By default, forms use Breeze's built-in payments platform which requires no setup beforehand.1

To accept payments

  1. Navigate to "More > Forms."
  2. Click to "Create New Form."
  3. Select "Registration" as the type of form you want to create.
  4. Click the "Payment" field to modify the amount.1
  5. If you'd like to modify which fund the form payment should go into or which processor is used2, click "Go to Settings" in the bottom left and then "Show More Options."
  6. Make your changes and click "Update Form."

1The amount can be:

a. a numeric amount such as $10
b. a blank which will then prompt the user to enter an amount
c. 0 which will bypass the payment section altogether (helpful if including multiple payment options and one should be "Pay Later")

2 Payments through forms can be processed by Breeze, PayPal, or Stripe

Note: If utilizing PayPal, when a form is submitted, it will take the submitter to a PayPal page for payment. Once that PayPal form has been submitted, PayPal routes them back to a blank form. It can cause confusion for people, so we recommend adding a section description right above the payment section explaining that this is expected behavior.

Here is an example of the different payment options:


Here is what those payment options look like from the view of the form: 


It is important to note that only the total amount should be entered into the about section. Any additional information outside of the payment amount could result in a "breaking" of the form payment. The way to know a payment option is broken is when the Form simply says "Submit" when a payment is selected. This is NOT correct. When a payment has been selected, you should see the button say "Submit & Pay xxxx". This is a clear indication that the payment button is working properly!

In order to use Breeze payments on forms, you will first need to have enabled transfers.  Online Giving fees are the same in Form payments: 2.9% + $0.30/transaction for all Credit/Debit Card payments. Breeze Forms cannot accept ACH payments.

Additional Information

  • Fund Settings - If your Form is being used for Payments (in exchange for goods or services), then these would be considered Non-Tax Deductible Contributions. If you haven't already, you will want to make sure that you have created a Non-Tax Deductible Fund to assign to your Form so that Breeze can report them accurately. (More > Contributions > Funds > Create New Fund) ** Make sure that the Checkbox is UNCHECKED. **  Breeze does not include Non-Tax Deductible payments on Contribution Statements by Default, however, you could customize your Statement to include that information if desired. mceclip1.png
  • Add the Transaction Fees to your Total Price - Of course, every Online Transaction has Fees attached to it. Forms can only accept Credit/Debit Cards which have a Fee of 2.9% + .30 per Transaction. The suggestion would be to add this fee to your Total so that you receive the full amount of your payment. You can use the Payment Title or a Section Description to alert the customer that their Payment includes the Transaction Fee. 

Note: Online giving needs to be enabled first. If you have not enabled online giving and completed verification you may receive the following error message:

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  • @abbey


    Hi Abbey!


    Yes, you can absolutely choose which processor to use for the payment made in a form. Once you've set up your online giving in your Breeze account, you will be able to choose between the two options when you create a form. To select which processor to use for a form payment, simply click on "Go to Settings" in the lower left corner of the form settings pop-up window, and then select the payment options at the bottom of the settings screen.


    Stay Breezy!

  • We're new to Breeze - formerly with CCB.  One questions about forms - we have Wednesday Night Fellowship Meals that I create a Registration Form for.  People have the choice to pay ahead with CC or pay at the door.  On CCB the report we ran each Wednesday gave us how much people owed.  I'm not seeing anything in Breeze so that I can get that info.  Of course, we can calculate it up, but it's easier to print out a report for the person to check them in.

  • Hi @jhertel!

    Welcome! Happy that y'all are a part of the Breeze family. Great question! You are able to download this information from the form entries. It will export out all the information included if they paid or not. You can simply click on the following link :Form Results

    Hope this is most helpful!


  • Yes, I have exported the info, but is there a way to show the balance due?  

  • Hey @jhertel,

    Great question! At this time we do not have that capability in our forms to view that information. However, we recommend setting the payments up as pledges to track how much is remaining. You can learn more about this here: Managing Pledges


  • Is there an easy way to divide a payment received on a Form into multiple Funds? We are looking at doing our Religious Ed registration online through a Breeze form. The collected payments are directed into the RE Registration "Fund" but it would be helpful to be able to detail someone's $100 payment as $75 RE Registration (account #5012) and $25 Sacrament Preparation (account #5013) under the Contribution/Funds. I see how to change the fund for a total payment but not how to  split out 1 payment into 2 funds (or more).

  • @merickson

    Great question! Unfortunately, there is not a way to split payment into multiple funds on a Form Payment. This is because you can only associate a Form with One Fund at a time. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause! 

    Please let us know if you have any additional questions. 

  • Is there an easy way to see how much income has been received in total on a registration form and who has paid?

  • @

    Yes you can! There's a simple way to do this in the Contributions Reporting section. See here: 

    Take a look at this article as well: Searching Contributions and Creating Giving Reports


    Please let us if there's any way we can continue to serve you!

  • @Stephen Ivey -- I have been playing around with Breeze Contribution reports and found there actually IS a way to split out 1 payment into multiple funds! Under the Contribution reports, if you click on the payment "AMOUNT" it will bring up the transaction details. Click edit in the lower left hand side and it will allow you to add a 2nd fund to that original transaction. This will be very helpful with our various registrations for multiple age groups (and multiple Budget accounts)


  • @merickson

    Hello again! I'm so glad that you found a workaround for your request!

    Yes, all incoming contributions can be "manually" split into multiple funds by editing the Contribution itself. The previous answer given was in Reference to if you were trying to Split Form Payments into multiple Funds on the actual Form. Unfortunately, that functionality is not possible. 


  • Our Women Ministries teaches different artsy type classes as a fund raiser for the ministry. The participants do take home a completed project. I realize that it can not be considered non-taxable but does the church then have to pay tax on it? Does anyone know about this?


  • @Lewislake1030

    If the payment is in Exchange for any goods and/or services, then it is a Non Tax Deductible gift. If it is a fund raiser, then it can be filed as Tax Deductible, however, you would want to check with your CFO on the Tax Ramifications for the ministry. 

    Let us know if we can be of any more service to you!

  • When will the fix it so that we can use Subsplash to except payments on Forms?

  • @ron

    Great question! I wish I had a solidified answer for you there, however, it's hard to say when/if a feature like this would be added to Breeze. The best suggestion here would be to add your request as a feature request! See here: Submitting Feature Requests

    Thanks for your patience as we continue to develop Breeze to suit your needs!

  • To allow a discount / scholarship amount, we created a duplicate form and used different buttons that allowed the person to designate how much he/she could pay for the event. We only shared this Scholarship form with people we knew were requesting a scholarship, so the general public link still showed the set prices and required payment before registration is completed. 

  • One question - we have put into the registration form an option for people to donate toward scholarships for others. However, this should be a tax-deductible amount - whereas the retreat registration payment is not.

    Is there a way to designate some buttons as amounts going to misc. payments fund, and other buttons as general fund contributions within the same form?

  • Hey @kims!

    Thanks so much for reaching out! There can only be one fund designated at this time. You'd simply need to make sure you had a Fund designated for non-tax and one for taxed and then set up your Forms and select your one fund.

    Here's more on this now:

    Tax-Deductible Funds Vs Non-Tax Deductible Funds

    Accepting Payments on Forms

    Also, using 0 will bypass the payment section altogether (helpful if including multiple payment options and one should be "Pay Later") if this would be helpful as you still may want people to register who need to pay later.

    If you have further questions on Forms, please reach out to our team via phone or by email. Always happy to serve.


  • We are new to Breeze. We are in the process of creating a form for a conference. Is there away to add more than one fee without making at least one of the fees required?

    We want both a registration fee and give people the option to sponsor someone. Can this be done?


    Thank you!


  • @Alexandra

    Nate here with Breeze, thanks for reaching out to us, fantastic question, and I definitely want to help you guys get this figured out.  This is absolutely something that we are capable of doing.  I'm actually going to send you an email, because my response is a little bit more detailed, and I want to make sure we can have good dialogue.   

  • Is it possible to have a negative payment amount?  We would like to give a $10 discount if they register before a certain date but although I can enter a negative amount, it always adds to the total, not subtracts.

  • @webmaster

    Great idea, at this time this is not a current feature within Breeze forms! I will pass this information along to our product team for possible future feature changes.


  • Hi, we're fairly new to Breeze.  I wanted to know if you can send a "receipt" after someone completes a form.  For example, if they are making a donation or paying for an event, can a confirmation email be sent to them saying how much they have paid as their "receipt".  Thanks.

  • @treasurer

    Great question! The best way to send a "receipt" after someone fills out a form, is to simply customize your email confirmation to include what's called Entry Details.  This is a mail merge function that allows you to include all of the information from within the form into a confirmation email. 

    Take a look at this resource for more information on Editing Form Settings