Assigning a Role to a User

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    Is there a way to assign multiple roles to a user?  I find it tedious to do individual edits vs being able to select more than one role.  If not, that would be a great feature to have!  We have several people in our congregation who wear multiple hats so to speak, so staying on top of their permissions is a constant struggle.

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    Hey there - at this time each user can only receive one role.  You do have the ability to create unlimited roles so you can make a special role for each individual person, if you'd like.  We know that may not be the ideal way to go if you have many roles that need to be updated so I do apologize for that.  We love to hear feedback so if you'd like to submit a feature request for this you can do so by visiting this page: Submitting Feature Requests

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    Is there a way to assign a role or change a role from within someones profile?

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    Hey jburnett,

    You'll need to assign or change the role from their user settings (Under Users and Role) as opposed to their profile. 



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    This is definitely an area that we would greatly appreciate receiving attention.  We would benefit a great deal by using the volunteer notifications, but can't.  As our system manager, creating roles that are specific just to a certain person is not manageable.  Say we have a person who serves as a small group co-leader (which grants very specific access), serves on a rotating nursery team, is on the Prayer Ministry Team, and the coffee team (we really do have people who serve on this many teams).  Then in August, all the teams change and they have rotated off of some teams and onto a different team.  I have to go in and manually change each person on each team in the whole church.  That is just not doable, therefore, we have not been able to use the volunteer notifications.

    Please don't get me wrong, I love Breeze and deeply appreciate your dedication to your customers.  But this sincerely needs attention and change.  I, for one, would definitely do a happy dance.  :-) 



    PS -- By the way, if I am missing something and actually can manage it, please let me know.

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