Statement Logic - Givers, Non-Givers, Archived

Statement Logic

Statements are triggered for EVERYONE that has a contribution within a certain criteria (archived AND non-archived.)

How names appear on statements is the only variable that changes.

  • Individuals, Printed or Emailed: Individual name and corresponding contact information is used. Includes (archived and non-archived).

  • Group by Family, Printed: ALL families with individual(s) (archived and non-archived) containing contributions receive one statement addressed with the family name.

    • If family contains an archived individual, contributions will appear but archived name is omitted from family mailing name.

  • Group by Family, Emailed: ALL individual(s) (archived and non-archived) with contributions and an email address receive a statement addressed with family name.

    • If family contains an archived individual, contributions will appear but archived name is omitted from family mailing name on the statement (they will still get an email, see below.)

    • If they have an email address and contributions in their name, they get an email statement. period.

    • There is a nuance that if a spouse does not give in Breeze, they will not receive an email if the statements are sent by email.

Non-Givers will not be found in this trigger (printed or emailed) and therefore not get statements. See Statements for Non-Givers below.

Statements for Non-Givers

While Non-Givers do not appear in statements, you may want to send a quarterly update to your members (Non-Givers included), that gives an update of what they have (or haven't), given so far this year. 

To do this, you can run the rest of their statements like normal, but for the Non-Givers you are going to need to run a specific search in Contributions.

  • Switch to the graph view,.
  • Contact the "Non-Givers by Family" directly. 

From this graph, you can either send an email or export a letter with statement-like language, or you can assign them to a tag for future reference. No mail merge fields are needed for contributions, as they haven't contributed anything yet this year. 

Statements for Pledgers Only

Pledge only statements are generated in Contribution > Reports > Pledged.

  • (Include Non - Givers) will include statements for $0 contributions (this is the only place Non-Givers are included in statements.)

Tips when creating statements

  • MS Word includes extra formatting characters that, while invisible, affect the formatting in an alternate text editor. Creating statements directly in the Breeze editor is the best way to ensure proper formatting.
  • When adding a Unique ID in a Statement typically found in Canadian Donation Receipts :
    • Unique ID pulls from the giving start date, end date and Breeze ID. (YYMM) (YYMM) (Breeze ID). For example: A statement from Jan 2020 - Dec 2020 and the Breeze ID of 65559384, it would look like this: 2001201265559384 Breeze ID
    • The year is relative to the search parameters
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