Setting Up Child Check In at Your Church

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    Leah Branch

    Can I add an allergy that a child has to their name tag?

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    Hey Leah, 

    Absolutely!  Follow this link to see how you can customize your name tags to include any existing profile fields: Customizing Your Check In Name Tags

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    Is there a way to check individuals into multiple events (8 AM service, Sunday School, 11 AM service) from a single screen?

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    Emily W.

    Hi tzroberts!

    There is currently no way to check in people to multiple events from one check-in screen. Best Practice is to have multiple tablets that have different event check-ins pulled up. On one tablet you could have your 8 AM service and on another you could have your 11 AM service. :) 

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    how do i connect my dymo labelwriter wireless

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    Emily W.

    Hi par1500, 

    If you you are using a Dymo Printer and your app, a computer still needs to be involved in the equation in some way to process the information for the printer. The computer is what has the DYMO software on it, as the iPad/phone does not, so it still needs to be involved.

    The benefit of the wireless printer though, is that this will connect to your computer over the wireless internet. So, you can have the appearance of wireless at your check-in desk with your iPad and printer, but have the computer located somewhere else! You could have your computer with the Print Station window open in your church offices and it will still work! It does not have to be right next to the printer to connect to it.

    Essentially, once you have established a working connection to your wireless printer via the latest Dymo Software, you can then establish a connection between that printer and Breeze. You can see all of the details here: Setting up your check in computer and printer
    This connection is not happening via the network, but via the internet in general. Which means as long as a Print Station is connected to the Wireless Printer, you can literally print from anything that's running Breeze and connected to the internet!

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    How can we set it up so that our leaders who are checking students in have access to the students family information. Specially emergency contacts in Breeze. We don't print name tags, is there another way to do that?

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    Emily W.

    Hi Jessica!

    To give them access to family information you will need to make sure that the permission is selected for family here:

    Since you are not printing name tags, exporting the students information with family information and emergency contact information to excel and printing it out to leave with the leaders, is best practice.

    Happy Breezing!

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