KidCheck Integration

The KidCheck integration is handled completely by KidCheck. They simply use our open API to create a connection. Any errors with how information is being pushed over to Breeze should be handled by KidCheck.


 Here's what the Integration can do:

  1. Automatically push new KidCheck people to Breeze- When a person checks in to KidCheck, but they are not in Breeze then KidCheck can create the person in Breeze if desired. Otherwise the person will show up in the People >Integration tab as an Unmatched Person.

  2. Push updated KidCheck account changes to Breeze- If a person updates their information in KidCheck, push their account changes to Breeze as well.

  3. New Authorized Guardian Policy

    1. Don't add new authorized guardians to Breeze

    2. Always add new authorize guardians to Breeze                                                        


Data Transfer and Choices (from KidCheck) 

Flexibility exists to choose what, when and how often to review, match and update records between KidCheck and the ChMS. Here’s how it works at a high level. Say families are in the ChMS but not in KidCheck. There’s no need to input their information into KidCheck. They’ll show up automatically at their first check-in. On the flip side, if a family checking in is not in the ChMS, but is in KidCheck, their information is flagged. Churches have options how to handle that scenario. They can choose to have accounts automatically created or generate exception lists that can be reviewed for manual adjustment as appropriate. The same option applies when parents make updates in KidCheck. Administrators choose how to, or not to, update and handle.

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  • Is there a fee for this Kidcheck in option?

  • Hey @office!

    Great question! There are no fees on our end to integrate. Any fees associated with KidCheck would be on KidCheck's side. I'd recommend reaching out to their support team to see what their fees are currently.

    If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

    Happy Breezing!