Common Questions About Paying for Breeze

Can I pay for Breeze with a bank account (ACH payment) or check?

Part of our business model at Breeze to keep the cost at the low $50 flat rate is through only accepting monthly credit/debit card payments online. We do not accept mailed checks nor offer bank account payments.

Here are a few options we've seen churches do in this scenario:
-Use a personal credit/debit card. We understand this may mean additional expensing/reimbursing for you and apologize for this inconvenience.
-Get a business credit (or debit) card with a $100 limit just to handle the monthly Breeze cost.
-Get a prepaid Credit card (Visa/Mastercard/Discover/American Express) from a local grocery store/pharmacy and load it with money to pay for Breeze. Please note there may be instructions for registering this card (with the card issuer) before you can make online purchases.

Can I pay for the year in advance or for multiple months at once?

Because we do not have any contracts, we only accept month-to-month payments.  The transaction will happen automatically on the same day of each month.

How can I access my invoice?

Your invoice is accessible to you by going to More > Account Settings > Invoices.  Click on the month you'd like the invoice for and it will automatically download in pdf form. 

Can our church pay for Breeze with CAD instead of USD? 

Currently, all payments are processed in USD. We are working to localize payment details, so payments in CAD will be available in the future.

How can I change our Monthly Charge Date?

Our apologies but this cannot be changed.

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  • I want to know how to change bank/credit or debit card info for our members. I have 2 that want to change

  • @Mseileen39

    If you're talking about members who have recurring gifts within your rBeeze platform, then you could manage their payment information by editing their recurring gift. See here: View and Modify Recurring Donations

    This area will allow you to edit every part of a recurring gift including the payment information. If your users have access to Breeze as members, they will also be able to manage their own recurring donations!

    If you have any additional questions, please let us know.

  • I would like to have a receipt automatically sent to me every month when we are charged for our Breeze account. We have to use a personal CC and submit a reimbursement request each month. It is a pain to try to remember to go to the Breeze website and download a receipt every month and I often forget. I'd prefer to just have an email that I can forward with the receipt. Is this possible?

  • @nataliamks Thanks for your suggestion. That's a neat idea! At this time that is not a current feature within Breeze but we're happy to think it over. We currently don't accept feature requests on this platform but would love for you to submit this as a feature request using this link so our development team can consider this when they make their next development road map! 

  • I need to know how to cancel my account as of April, 2020

  • Hi @Angie,

    II'm glad we were able to chat on the phone and get this issue resolved. We're certainly sad to see you go! Good luck and God bless in this next season of life.


  • I see that when you exceed the number of free texts, you are charged $0.01 per text.  Is this the only option or is there a "higher" monthly plan to include more texts.

  • @kjohnson Great question! For simplicity sake, Breeze has one pricing option of $50/month that includes all features! All accounts get 250 free texts per month. Additional texts are $0.01 per text. You can read more about how texting people through Breeze works and enabling unlimited texting here:

  • I would like the default for contributions on our church website to be the ACH check method rather than the credit card method for contributions. Some of our members have decided not to contribute via Breeze when they discovered on their Giving Statements that the credit card charges are near 3%.

    Can you tell me how to make that change on the homepage of our church's website?  Or perhaps you can do that from your offices.  Thank you for your help.


  • @rogerjosephson66

    I can understand wanting to push ACH giving, rather than card giving as the processing fee is quite a bit less. As it turns out, we can't change the default payment method to ACH. I'd love for you to fill out a feature request on this as it goes straight to our dev team. You'll find that request form here: 

    I do have a few suggestions for you that may help!  You can eliminate Card payments as an option, so only the ACH payment option appears (this is done in your Web Settings). Or you can edit your online giving page to add a blurb about recommending ACH as the payment method. Lastly, you can enable the option for donors to cover the fees if you haven't done this yet. 

    If you'd like to discuss this further, we'd be more than happy to! You can reach us at: Blessings!