Accessing Monthly Invoice

To Review Monthly Breeze Invoices

  1. Navigate to the  "Account Settings" (Image_2020-05-07_at_1.31.50_PM.png) on the top right
  2. Select "Manage Account" in dropdown
  3. Choose "Invoices" on the left-hand side of your screen
  4. Once you see the list of invoices, feel free to click on the date to save/print a PDF for record keeping

Invoices may only be accessed inside your Breeze account. We do not currently provide auto-emailing of invoices.


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  • When we print our invoice from Acrobat, we only get blank lines - no printing. Any idea why? Thanks!


  • Hey @cathy!

    Thanks for reaching out! So sorry to hear that you are having issues. Are you able to try this from a different browser?

    It sounds like it may be a setting within Acrobat, but happy to troubleshoot this issue.

    If you are still unable to download this after trying a different browser, please contact our Support Team directly.

    We’re here and happy to serve from 9am - 6pm (Eastern), Monday - Friday, either by phone (888.320.6030) or by email.



  • The invoice printed correctly from Chrome. Thanks!

  • Hey Cathy!

    That's great news! Happy to hear that you were able to access it correctly.

    Happy Breezing!

  • Is there a plan to start sending automated invoices when you charge a CC for the monthly fees? Because we have to use a personal CC, we then have to submit a reimbursement request. It is a pain to remember to log into Breeze and pull the receipt every month. Even an email from Breeze with a link to directly access the invoices would be better than nothing.

  • @nataliamks Thanks for your suggestion. That's a neat idea! At this time that is not a current feature within Breeze but we're happy to think it over. We currently don't accept feature requests on this platform but would love for you to submit this as a feature request using this link so our development team can consider this when they make their next development road map!