Printing Labels Without Microsoft Word

If you don’t have Microsoft Word on your computer, have no fear — you still can access and print your labels.

First, you’re going to want to generate the mailing labels within Breeze. You can use these steps to do so:

Create Mailing Labels

1. Bring up a list of people.
2. On the right, click "Export".
3. Select "Mailing Labels" from the dropdown list and export.

Click here to see how you can customize labels

After you’ve done that and saved the document in your downloads folder, you’re going to want to do the following:

1. Navigate to
2. Click on “Select Files”
3. Find the document you saved and choose it
4. Select the Format >”Document” > “PDF”
5. Click on the red “Start Conversion” button
6. Once the conversion is complete click on the green “Download button”

Now, you should have a PDF of your custom mailing labels that you can use for printing!

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