Adding New Fields Into Forms

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    Phyllis Czerniakowski

    How do you enter manual registrations if sign ups sign up with cash or check in person, not online?


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    Hey Phyllis,

    I like to add a "cash/check" option in the sign up.  If you make a payment option "$0" it will take the payment away.  I'll either make that available all the time, or I'll temporarily add that option in so that I can manually enter registrations and then remove it.  Just note that if you choose to remove that option, it will remove it from the excel export as well - so you'll just need to know that anyone who doesn't have any record of payment was manually entered and paid by cash/check. 

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    Hi there

    Can I email you my form so you can see what I'm talking about?  Either way...I'm needing help on how to enter mulitple payments eg


    Parent $250 ea

    Youth $195 ea

    Child $175 ea

    What if a family wants to enter 2 parents 2 youth and 3 children in their payments section? 

    Thanks Amanda

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    Emily W.

    Hi Amanda!

    You can absolutely email us at for all support help! We would love to walk through this with you! Also, a few things that might bring some clarity: To enter multiple payments you will need to enter a 0 which will bypass the payment section altogether (helpful if including multiple payment options and one should be "Pay Later"). Also, here is a great resource for registering multiple people:Registering Multiple People for One Event

    Hope this is helpful!


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