Using Email Templates

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    Is there a way to create a template that spans other accounts so others can use it?


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    There should be a way to use different fonts.  Maybe link up with Google Fonts. 


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    Hey Krysten - while we don't yet have an option to share templates directly through Breeze, there is a fairly easy way to share. 

    When you're in your compose window if you click the "..." you'll see the new bar appear.  At the end of that bar is the "more" option.  Click on that and then click 'view source'. 

    Once you do that you'll see all the source code appear.  Now you can share that with other people who may need it in their account.  I've found that emailing them the source code is the quickest way.  You'll just copy that code, then put it in the body of the message (when it's in the body it won't re-format).  Then click send.  They can then copy and paste that code into their compose window and save it as a template! 

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