Using Email Templates

Overview: Email templates are user specific and allow you to save messages or layouts that you frequently use so you can select them quickly in the future

Using a Template

  1. Open the email compose window by clicking to email an individual or group.
  2. Click the "..." icon on the toolbar.
  3. Click "Templates" from the toolbar and select the template you'd like inserted.


Adding a Template

  1. Open the email compose window by clicking to email an individual or group.
  2. Create the email message that you'd like to save as a template.
  3. Click "Templates" from the toolbar and select "Save as New Template."
  4. Give the template a name and click "OK."
  5. Refresh your page
The template that your user last used or selected within the "Compose Message" window will appear when you go to send a new email. If you need to send a standard email without your template, try selecting "View Source Code" and deleting out its contents for a blank email. You can also save this blank, standard template as a new template titled "No Template." That way, when you need to send simple emails, you won't have to clear the source code each time!

Replacing a Template

  1. Open the email compose window by clicking to email an individual or group.
  2. Create the email message that you'd like the previous template to be updated to.
  3. Click "Templates" from the toolbar and select "Replace Template."
  4. Select the template you'd like to replace and click "OK."

Deleting a Template

  1. Open the email compose window by clicking to email an individual or group.
  2. Click "Templates" from the toolbar, hover over the "Delete" option, and select the template you'd like removed from the submenu.
Templates that are saved are user specific.

FAQ On Replacing Template Graphics

Header graphics should be between 600-700 pixels wide, with a proportional height (a general guideline is 100-200 pixels). For images within your email content, the recommended .html sizing is often 480 x 480 pixels or smaller.

It's best to size the graphics before inserting them into the email to avoid formatting issues.

Sharing a Template With Other Users

Because templates are user specific in Breeze, this is a work around to allow you to share a template with another user.

  1. Open the email compose window by clicking to email and individual or group.
  2. Click "Templates" from the toolbar, and select the template you would like to share.
  3. Click the "More" option in the tool bar, and choose "View Source Code"
  4. Copy the source code for this template, and provide it for the other user (this could be by pasting the source code in the body of an email and sending the code through email)
  5. The other user will need to open the email compose window by clicking to email an individual or group.
  6. Click the "More" option in the tool bar, and choose "View Source Code"
  7. They will then need to paste the source code in this View Source Code Box and click Ok.
  8. Preview the email, to confirm it looks right. Click "Templates" from the toolbar and select "Save as New Template."
  9. Give the template a name and click "OK."
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  • Is there a way to create a template that spans other accounts so others can use it?


  • There should be a way to use different fonts.  Maybe link up with Google Fonts. 


  • Hey Krysten - while we don't yet have an option to share templates directly through Breeze, there is a fairly easy way to share. 

    When you're in your compose window if you click the "..." you'll see the new bar appear.  At the end of that bar is the "more" option.  Click on that and then click 'view source'. 

    Once you do that you'll see all the source code appear.  Now you can share that with other people who may need it in their account.  I've found that emailing them the source code is the quickest way.  You'll just copy that code, then put it in the body of the message (when it's in the body it won't re-format).  Then click send.  They can then copy and paste that code into their compose window and save it as a template! 

  • Is there a way to change the template at all?  Color? Boxes?    I can't see how it is helpful

  • Hi firstimpressions! 

    Great question! Yes you can! Using the A and drop down arrow you can change the text color. 


    The background color can be changed. If familiar with source codes and HTML color codes, you can change the background color via the source code to an HTML color code to fit the need of your branding color. For example:

    Step 1: Click More > View Source

    Step 2: Find "Background Color" section

    Step 3: Use Hex Code "ffffff" in between the "#" and the ";"

    However, changing any of the other settings or text in the source code window is not recommended as they are integral to sending emails out. :) 

    MailChimp does allow for a bit more customization with templates, and we do have an integration with them. That could provide the template customization you're looking for, while also using Breeze to organize and track your MailChimp Lists.

  • If intergrating with MailChimp will I be mailing in MailChimp and tracking in Breeze?

  • Hi firstimpressions.

    With our MailChimp integration, you can connect groups within Breeze (through Tags) to a MailChimp List so that when people are added, removed, or modified in that group, MailChimp is automatically updated accordingly. Here are some more resources that will best explain the integration with MailChimp:

    Using MailChimp with Breeze

    MailChimp Video


  • Hi, how many templates can we have saved?

  • Hey @conwayne93 - I don't believe that there is a limit, or if there is, I haven't found it.  Are you unable to create new templates right now?  Thanks! 

  • This is really disappointing. When the easiest solution is editing source-code you have stepped completely outside of an easy solution for nearly everyone. The very strong potential benefit of the Breeze e-mail system is that it is not subject to the dreaded "PROMO TAB" that Mailchimp suffers from. With some fairly basic upgrades, the template e-mail tool of Breeze would be a huge win! 

    Based on these responses it appears that;

    1. There is no way to edit fonts in a template

    2. There is no straight-forward way to insert images 

    3. There is no way for someone to create a template that is readily available for all to use. Further, if the template is edited (say for a weekly e-mail) then all previous source code sent templates would not update. 



  • I share manger's disappointment. But in the meantime could you be more specific about the steps to share source code if we think we can manage that? I tried following the steps above... copied source code from a template I made, emailed that (to myself at a different email address), copied and pasted it into the compose section of a new Breeze email. It did save a template, but the template is the list of of source code lines in the body of an email.  I suspect the code might need to be pasted somewhere else in a new email message to get it recognized as template code? Thank you.



  • Hi @mlanger and @alockwood!

    I am so sorry to hear your disappointment! We want to make everything in Breeze a "breeze" including emails. Happy to help provide some workarounds that maybe beneficial and remove some of the frustration you are having!

     1. There is no way to edit fonts in a template-
    Unfortunately, this is correct. While there are many things that you can do within customizing the email, fonts cannot be changed.

    2. There is no straight-forward way to insert images -You can insert images or add attachments to our emails: 

    3. There is no way for someone to create a template that is readily available for all to use. Further, if the template is edited (say for a weekly e-mail) then all previous source code sent templates would not update. -Email templates, as you found out, are specific to each User. In order to share the templates with your other team members, our best practice at this time, is to copy the Source Code, paste it in an email to them, and have them save the template for their own User. I know this isn't super ideal, but it will allow them to have the same template faster, then going in and setting it up from scratch.

    To paste the source code-You will want to navigate to People <Email<Select three dots...<More<View Source Code<Paste the source code here<save. 

    Happy Breezing!

  • Would someone be willing to send me a copy of an email that they've created using these templates, like a weekly update? Or share a screenshot? I am just wondering how easy it is to use and how professional you can get the templates to look. I need a more eye-catching mid-week email reminder to our small congregation but don't have the time to create a new one in MailChimp every week as my hours in this part-time job are limited. Having something with a little more structure but not having to worry about it being tagged as promo and end up in a junk folder would be great. Thanks! - Allison P in New London, MN :)

  • looks like there are some free email template designers.  I found one with a quick google search.  

    As far as sharing templates not sure if this is against the breeze rules, but maybe create an account for mass emails only, then you can share templates among your entire team.

  • Subject line doesn't save in email templates. Something to consider in the next release. Thanks.  (Ex: I send an initial can email to guests, need to copy in the subject line every time I send that same email).

  • Hi Elisa!

    Thank you for the feedback! I know this isn't very Breezy. While solutions for them may not be on the Development Roadmap at this time, they are always appreciated. Those do help us know where the churches we serve are at, and what could help them in their ministries even more than Breeze already does. Would you consider sharing this via our feature request page? Please check out


  • I'm not looking to have our people use a 'template' everytime they need to send an email, it's another few clicks for them, I'd love to be able to put a footer attached to every email that goes out and offer an "unsubscibe" option, so we don't have a wrong email somewhere and the recipient gets upset and has us blocked as spam  (had that happen, had to prove we weren't spamming people and it was just a single wrong email address, then it took over 6 months to be able to email everyone again)

  • @office

    I am sorry to hear you have had such issues with someone marking you as spam, glad to hear you got it worked out though! I would recommend setting up and using "Email Signatures". To create an email signature that will automatically show up on the bottom of your emails when composing a message in Breeze:

    1. Open the email compose window by clicking to email an individual or group.
    2. Make the content of your email your signature.
    3. In the toolbar, click the "..." icon and then "More" and select "Set as Email Signature."

    Once complete, when composing emails in the future you'll see your signature automatically appended to the end of the email.

    You could include a simple statement in the Email Signature like: Please reply with the word “unsubscribe” in the subject line and we’ll promptly remove you from the email list. Here is how you can then unsubscribe people from emails in Breeze. 


  • We are new to Breeze and are thinking though the use and integration of Breeze and Mailchimp.  Currently we only have 1 audience group in Mailchimp and we send our weekly newsletters to that group.  We are thinking of leaving that as the process for that type of 'catch all' email with using Breeze to track and update information.  Then use the tags in Breeze to email smaller groups in the church for specifica needs (i.e. emailing the Sunday School class only.) Are we missing any potential issues by using the 2 programs that way?

  • @office

    Not at all! This is a perfectly acceptable way to use these platforms. Happy Breezing!



  • I find the email templates (all three types) somewhat tedious and difficult to work with.

    It would be nice if the title header and the individual text components were easier to move around or delete. There may be a way to do this, but I have not been able to find any tutorials or topics in Breeze's help section. It is proving difficult to easily change the formatting in a given block (i.e. maybe I don't want two columns, but need it to be a full-width text area). Your "Full" template has A LOT of blocks for text and sometimes we just don't have that much content or want it arranged the way the template lays it out.

    The formatting is also sometimes frustrating because the text size and font changes sometimes when I am moving text around within the email; I am not sure why the font changes when there are no other font choices.

    I'd also like to be able to change the background color of a given block of text without having to edit code.

    Finally, being able to select different font styles would be very helpful so our products more accurately reflect our brand and not Breeze's.

    Ultimately, a basic tutorial on how to best work with the different templates would be helpful, especially the "Full" template.

    Thank you.

  • Hey @shelia, 

    Thanks for reaching out to us.  You're right, attempting to set up an easily customizable HTML email with Breeze can be a little challenging because our email composition window is primarily intended for simple text emails. 

    However, many of our customers have found success by using our integration with MailChimp as an alternative.  Because MailChimp is only focused on providing simple ways to create beautiful HTML emails, they do a really great job, and you can get a free MailChimp account if you have less that 2,000 email addresses.  Check them out here: MailChimp

    Also, if you'd like to learn more about our integration with MailChimp, here's the link: Using Mailchimp with Breeze

    However, if you'd like to continue using the Breeze templates, here's an article you may find helpful: Using Email Templates

    I hope this helps!

  • I think we should have an HTML course … it is like a foreign language to me LOL 

    Trying to simplify and I am trying to use all of Breeze's forms, calendars, events, volunteers eetc. soo many layers.

    I discover more every week - this week sharing templates with the co-workers!

  • Hey @wildwoodpc,

    You're absolutely right. It can definitely feel like learning a whole different language! Except this one has numbers too, ha!

    Also, great idea about simplifying (work smarter, not harder, right?). If you have any questions or get stuck on anything don't hesitate to reach out to our support department, and we'd be happy to help!


  • Hi there.  I seem to be having difficulty using the templates feature.  If I try to upload and create a template to use, the images skew the boxes and then I have extreme difficulty figuring out which box layer adjusts the width of the whole template.  Also, do you have a tutorial video that shows some of what CAN be done?  I am trying to create something that looks professional and clean and always end up with the pictures slightly uneven, and accidentally deleting something I did not intend to, and then having to start the whole thing over.  Is there a key command to UNDO the last thing you did?

  • Hi angie,

    So sorry to hear that our email templates have been causing such a headache. Unfortunately, we don't currently have any tutorial videos to pass along, and there isn't a key command to undo your last action. I can see how these would be helpful though! Again, I apologize for the inconvenience here. 

    If these templates don't work well for you, l might suggest Using Mailchimp with Breeze. We've created an integration that allows you to send emails through Mailchimp but continue to store all your information in Breeze. Lots of churches prefer and love this option.

    I hope this helps!


  • New user here - I had a very strange thing happen last night and would appreciate your input. I sent a mass e-mail with a graphic, using the template feature. The test I sent earlier in the day to myself and one other person looked great. The mass e-mail? Instead of text and a nice graphic, most of the recipients opened an e-mail full of gobbleygook! What on earth happened?

  • @polly

    I'm sorry to hear that the email that you sent out didn't come across as you intended it to.  I'm going to dig into this for you and will respond via email in order to get this resolved.

  • The email generator is terrible. It's absolutely a pain to change background colors, fonts, texts, pictures, etc. 

    It shouldn't be that hard to have a generator that's much more user friendly—meaning, I should be able to change certain things without going into the source code. It's absolutely ridiculous

  • Ryan, I'm not sure if you'll receive a notification of my response but just in case, I thought I would post a quick comment. I haven't had luck sending out pictures in an email generated in Breeze. Instead we use MailChimp and have our tag in Breeze linked to our audience in Mailchimp so at least I'm not maintaining two lists, this integration works great. The email generator does have its limitations through Breeze and hopefully it will become more robust and user-friendly over time. They have made some great upgrades in recent months and I appreciate how quick they are to respond to inquiries and issues that may arise. But in the meantime, if you have an email that you repeatedly send, I would consider utilitzing Mailchimp if you aren't already. It is free if you send under a certain number of emails a month (and inexpensive after that) and you can easily replicate an email after you send so you aren't starting from scratch each time. With the changes brought on by the pandemic and shut-downs, I was finally able to get my senior pastor to allow me to use Mailchimp for our mid-week email and for a year, that was our main communication with the congregation. We use Breeze for emails to our prayer chain and I like that you can even schedule them but design and graphics aren't necessary in that case. Hope this info has been helpful to you or whoever else may read it. Good luck to you!