Creating an Email Signature

To create an email signature that will automatically show up on the bottom of your emails when composing a message:

  1. Open the email compose window by clicking to email an individual or group.
  2. Make the content of your email your signature.
  3. In the toolbar, click the "..." icon and then "More" and select "Set as Email Signature."

Once complete, when composing emails in the future you'll see your signature automatically appended to the end of the email.


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  • Hi!

    When composing a signature, I want to have my website and my email in the signature.  I know how to make the website a hot link; but how do I make the email hot linked?   Thanks!


  • Hey @execdirector!

    Thanks for reaching out!  While you can add a link to the text of your website in the this time hotlinking the entire email is not supported.

    This may not be the ideal answer you were hoping for, but I do hope the information was helpful!

    Please reach out to Support, if you need any additional support.



  • Hey @execdirector

    To link your email type: mailto:  before your email address in the link field. It works as I have just set this up.


  • Is there a way to include an image in your signature, for example your logo? When I attach a picture it just includes a cropped picture at the top of the email.

  • Also asking about a Picture with the Signature.

  • Hey @brainerdcma,


    Thank you for reaching out with this great question! Adding an image can be done at the time of creation of the email signature, by choosing to upload an image before choosing to save as your new "Email signature". I have sent you an email as well, with an example of how to do this process.



  • You can create a signature with an icon or picture. The catch is that your picture must be the right size *before* you place it in your signature. You can't resize it in Breeze. The icon in my signature is 25x19 (pixels), for example, and it links to my organization's website.

    1. Open a new email message. This won't contain anything except your signature.

    2. Enter your text.

    3. Place the cursor where you want the icon/picture and then click Upload. Select your picture. 

    4. If you want the picture to be a link, select the picture, then click the link icon above and enter your URL.

    5. Click the three dots (...), choose More, and choose Set as Email Signature. Now you should see it automatically append to your messages.