Searching Archived People

To run an advanced search for archived people, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the People tab.
  2. Choose "show more filter options" on the left. 
  3. Under the "other" section, choose "archived."
  4. Select your preference of "not archived", "archived", or "both."

Choosing "not archived" is the default search of only active profiles in your database.

Choosing "archived" will create a filtered search of only archived profiles.

Choosing "both" will yield results that include active and archived profiles in the same search.


To learn how to archive or restore an archived person, see "archiving a person or restoring archived people".

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  • As I'm working with archives, I'm able to describe the problem better than I did in earlier comments.

    Once you have opened the Archive Records on the left sidebar, you can't do a name search.  Show Fewer Records restores the active records to view.

    You can't restore an archive record to active without going to Add Person and selecting View Archived.  Why can't the righthand sidebar include a Restore to Active option when viewing archived people (so that you can select subgroups instead of doing them one at a time)?


  • Hi @manager!

    Greetings! Thanks for your feedback here about how we can improve breeze--we’re always on the hunt for the next great idea to serve churches better! Currently we are not accepting feature requests via the Community forum. For more information about submitting a feature request, please check out


  • I am working through our membership records to validate data in Breeze and am struggling with how to perform a search for archived records.  I have followed the steps above, which will display all archived records, but am unable to use the search bar to locate a specific record.  It only shows active records, regardless of the selection under Archive.  Is there an actual search feature, or only a display of all archived records?  Thanks!

  • Hey @office, 

    That's a great question.  You're right; our search will only pull up active profiles.  However, here's a neat little pro-tip;  you can use the "find" feature in your browser to find the specific profile.  Just make sure you scroll down to make sure you have all the profiles on the screen first.

    To use the find feature, you can typically press the Ctr+F (for PC) or Command+F (for mac).  Now, you can type in the name you're looking for, and it should highlight it.

    I hope this helps!