Experience Breeze with a 14 Day Free Trial or Guided Product Tour

We're thrilled you're considering Breeze for your church management needs. To help you get a better understanding of our platform, we offer both a 14-Day Free Full Account Trial and a Guided Product Tour.

14-Day Full Account Trial:

When you sign up for a Breeze account, we give you a 14-Day Full Account Trial to explore all that Breeze has to offer. Activate your trial here.

During this trial:

  • Upload and Experiment: Play with real data in a genuine setting.
  • Permanent Account: Everything you set up and customize during the trial remains intact, ensuring your effort isn't wasted should you choose to continue.
  • User-Friendly Experience: Experience for yourself the intuitiveness and ease of use that Breeze offers.
  • Risk-Free Commitment: We value your trust. That's why Breeze offers no binding contracts or termination fees. Your flexibility remains intact.

Important Details:

  • Credit Card Requirement: To activate your trial, you'll need to provide a credit card. Rest assured, you won't see any charges until Day 15.
  • Automatic Monthly Subscription: After your 14-day trial concludes on Day 15, your regular monthly subscription will commence automatically, ensuring uninterrupted access

Breeze App with Guided Product Tour Account: Want to experience the Breeze app? Download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Connect using your unique subdomain from the guided tour when prompted for a church ID. Your unique subdomain is the prefix of "breezechms.com" in the URL link.

Guided Product Tour

Not ready for a trial? Our Guided Product Tour is a nearly full version of Breeze that you can access instantly. Start your Guided Product Tour today by going to http://www.breezechms.com, click "Start Guided Product Tour," and you're off!

  • This tour is accessible for 30 days.
  • You can input data to see how Breeze works but similar to the trial, transitioning to a paid account starts fresh.

However, the Guided Product Tour does have some limitations:

  1. No ability to create user accounts.
  2. Automated tasks are unavailable in the tour due to account categorization and task queuing specifics.
  3. The Breeze Check In App requires an active, paid account. Guided Product Tour accounts are not supported.
    If a Guided Product Tour account attempts to enter their subdomain, it will respond with an error of "Invalid URL."
  4. Emails:
    1. Limit of 3 recipients per email.
    2. Maximum of 10 emails sent within 24 hours.
    3. This includes RSVP emails from Volunteer Management.
  5. Texts:
    1. A cap of 15 texts per month.
    2. Note: this count isn't displayed when crafting a new message.
    3. This limitation extends to RSVP texts from Volunteer Management.


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