Managing and Organizing Forms

You can quickly and easily organize your forms into form folders by following these steps:

  1. Go to More > Forms
  2. Click the down arrow next to "create new form" and choose "create new folder"
  3. Name your folder and select "create folder"
  4. Drag and drop your forms into the new folder

To remove a form from a folder it can be dragged and dropped into a new folder or into the general main section.


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  • Can I drag and drop our Profile Fields to create a new registration form? Or is there another way to create an online form that new formers can create that accurately matches many of our Profile Fields?

  • Hi @pegweissbrad,

    That's a fantastic idea! While there is not currently a way to drag and drop profile fields into a form, it is possible to make a copy of a form that you can use as a sort of template for future forms! This way, as long as the original form is successful in connecting to the desired profile fields, the copies should have the same success.

    To do this, simply navigate to More>Forms>and select the option that looks like two pieces of paper next to the form you want to copy.


    Hope this helps!