Printing Your Calendar

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    You say the calendar is easy to print, HOWEVER...

    1) It does not reformat to landscape mode

    2) entries do not word wrpa within the day, nor does the font autoscale to fit all the events

    These would both be needed to be able to truly "Print a Calendar"



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    I agree with emeryhurd.  Printing a usable format of a calendar requires automatic adjustments to make all events for the day fit within the "box" with event titles wrapped, if necessary, so there is no truncating.  We have Traditional Worship and Contemporary Worship, which show up as "Traditional Worsh" and "Contemporary Wors."  I'm concerned what the "Homeowners' Association Meeting" will truncate to. 

    Autoscale is also a requirement to make all days of a month fit on a single page while maximizing overall calendar size according to orientation (portrait or landscape) and page size (8.5 x 11, 11 x 17, etc.).

    Any plans to provide these features?  

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