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    Is there a way volunteers can be associated when I create a recurring event?

    My use case is:

    We have communion bi-weekly with 4 people serving each time (from a group of 10 volunteers).  We've been using the volunteer RSVP feature to email all 10 volunteers and then whoever can serve will RSVP with YES.  But we have to remember to manually send it out. 

    I'd like (if possible) that upon creation of a recurring event, I could also setup the volunteers for that event so that way I don't have to remember every two weeks to send out the RSVP email.


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    Emily W.

    Hi @tomyoon12

    If you'd like to schedule volunteers for multiple events in the series, click the "Grid View" button towards the upper right and then type the volunteer's name into the available inputs.
    If you'd like to schedule volunteers on a recurring basis (e.g. every other week for a certain event), after adding the volunteer click the arrow icon next to their name and specify the desired recurring schedule. Hope this is helpful!

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    How can one receive notifications of the RSVP's ?  Our Pastor says she used to get the RSVP's sent to her from Breeze so she would know when she needed to follow up on a volunteer slot or find a sub.  It sounds like each time someone RSVP'd she'd get a notification via email.

    How can I set this up?

    Thanks for any assistance!

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    Emily W.

    Hi there cndday2000!

    You can receive notifications by adjusting this in the settings. Navigate to the event<edit event settings<volunteers<yellow bar<change

    Once you have selected change you can change who the notification comes from. This is who will get the RSVP notifications. 

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