Customizing Check In Name Tags

Customize your check-in name tags effortlessly with this guide from Breeze ChMS. Explore step-by-step instructions for tailoring name tags to suit your event's branding and requirements. Whether adjusting layout, adding logos, or including additional information, this article empowers you to create personalized name tags that leave a lasting impression. Discover now how to elevate your event experience with customized check-in name tags using Breeze ChMS.

Customizing Name Tag

Labels: Our printers have been designed to work with DYMO LabelWriter Shipping Labels, White, 2-5/16" x 4" (Purchase on Amazon). You can use any compatible off-brand label, however please note that using a non-DYMO label may void the warranty on your printer and they are not compatible with the DYMO 550.  If using the Brother Ql-820NWB: DK-2205 printer, these are the labels that work: Labels: Breeze supports the following labels for the Brother Ql-820NWB: DK-2205 Continuous Paper Label Roll, 2.4” x 100 Feet (Purchase on Amazon)

The printed name tag can be customized either when creating the event or on the event's settings page for an existing event. You'll have the option to select what fields go where on the name tag. It's important to note that the Name Tag areas are primarily pulling information from your Profile Fields. This means that if you want to add another option to your Name Tag, you would do so by creating another Profile Field. To access the name tag customization screen for an existing event:

  1. Navigate to Events > Click on your event > View Details
  2. Click "Settings" on the left
  3. Under the "Check In" heading, select "Print name tag at check in"
  4. Click "customize" behind the checkbox to bring up the customize screen
  5. Be sure to click "Save Changes" after customizing the name tag 

Parent Copy

Printing a parent copy allows you to give a parent one label and the child the other. Having the parent show the corresponding tag when picking up the child increases security.

The Parent name tag will print if only one child is checked in, and "Check In By Family" is not selected.  Family name tag will print if "Check In By Family" is selected.

For a new event

  1. Create a new event.
  2. Check "Print Name Tag at Check In".
  3. Check "Print Tag for Parent".

For an existing event

  1. Navigate to the event's settings.
  2. Check "Print Name Tag at Check In".
  3. Check "Print Tag for Parent".

Below is a quick chart to help identify what the available options mean:

Name Description Examples
Blank No Output  
Date & Time Date and time of check in 1/1/2014 @ 11:32:12
1/14/2015 @ 15:12:37
1/17/2016 @ 9:02:01
4 Digit Code Four digit security code 1242
3 Digit Code Three digit security code 526
Parent Mobile Phone Mobile Phone Number of Parent(s) (555) 234-2345
(555) 456-4567
(555) 567-5678
Mobile Phone Mobile Phone Number (555) 123-1234
(555) 345-6789
(555) 987-6543
Child Name Name of person being checked in Jack Smith
Kyler Edmondson
Chris Williams
Parent Names Names of the adults in the family John & Kathy Smith
Katie Edmondson
Kevin Williams
Tag Name The name of the tag the person is assigned to 4th Graders
Pete's Group
Text Type in the text you'd like displayed on every name tag The Rock Youth Group
Horizons Church
Prompt When checking in, prompts the user to enter data on the spot.(e.g. entering a pager number or a short message for each child) 555-123-1234
Has to leave early
Feels a little sick
Child Name(s) Only available for the family tag; a list of all children who were checked in for that family. This is only available to be placed in the third section of the family tag.
(Labeled Sections for family tag)
Chris Williams
Sarah Williams
Dean Williams
Person-specific fields The remaining fields reflect the fields you are storing within Breeze. Most, but not all, of the fields are available for your use.

Tag-Specific Settings

Note: Only those with permissions to view these tags can add them to the name tag display.

By default the print settings specified within Event Settings pertain to all people checked into the event. In some scenarios however, you may want different print settings for different groups of people. For example, you may have an event titled "Children's Service" and you want different print behavior for each group or class that can check into that event. For instance:

  • Infants: Receive one name tag for the infant, one name tag for a diaper bag, and one parent pick up tag.
  • Children: Receive one name tag for the child and one name tag for the parent
  • Volunteers: Receive one name tag for the volunteer
Tag-specific printing allows you to do exactly this by specifying different print behavior for different tags. To set up tag-specific printing:

  1. Navigate to the Event Settings page for the event you wish to change.
  2. Under the "Check In" heading, ensure that the eligibility is set to "Specific Tags" and that the desired tags are selected.1
  3. Under the eligibility settings, beneath "Name Tag", select "Show More Print Options"
  4. Each checkbox option will have a dropdown beneath it, listing which of the eligible tags2 should be associated with that setting. To match the example scenario above, you would use:
    • Print Name Tag at Check In
      • Infants
      • Children
      • Volunteers
    • Print Copy for Parent
      • Infants
      • Children
    • Print Additional Name Tag
      • Infants
1 Tag-Specific printing can only be done if eligibility is set to "Specific Tags".
2 Note that only the eligible tags (selected in step 2) will show up on this list.

Notes on Custom Name Tag Spacing

When creating customized name tags, you may notice that some text prints very small; this is due to the field size and "shrink-to-fit." When customizing a name tag, if you hover over the customization fields, you'll see that there are larger text fields on the left and smaller text fields on the right.  There is a limit, and once filled, you will be unable to add another field due to the tag spacing.

To optimize name tag spacing, use the larger text areas for information that takes up more space, such as "Parents Cell Numbers". Use the smaller text areas for fields such as "Date" or "4 Digit Code."

Notes on Uploading a Logo or Thumbnail: To upload a photo of an individual click the arrow below the thumbnail and select "Upload Logo" (Dimensions are 182 x 122). Images must be in jpeg, png, gif, or bmp format. In order to optimize performance, load times, and storage for users, Breeze will downscale all profile pictures to 300x200 image resolution. If you wish to retain the original image size and quality of your photos and logos, we recommend storing those images either locally or in cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, Onedrive...).


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