FAQ's on Envelope Numbers

Can a couple/family share an envelope number?

An envelope number can be assigned to more than one individual in a family, but it's our Breeze best practice to have one envelope number per individual.  When it comes to producing end-of-year tax statements, by default all family giving is included, and the contributor's name does not have to be listed.  A statement can be generated for both the designated contributor and spouse/family. 

(See customizing statements for more information on how to customize what is displayed on a statement.)

If you'd like to designate giving to multiple family members using envelope numbers, we recommend creating separate envelope numbers for each giver in the family. 


What happens to donations if I delete an envelope number?

Donations that are input via envelope numbers are not deleted just because an envelope number is deleted.  Contributions are associated to a person by their profile and are therefore retained when an envelope number is deleted or changed. 

Can I reuse an envelope number after I have deleted it from one person?

Absolutely! You can reuse an envelope number once it has been deleted from one person, assigning it to a new person.

How do I change an envelope number?

To change an envelope number follow these directions:

  1. Go to More > Contributions 
  2. Click More on the left side column > Envelopes
  3. Click "Add Entry" in the top right corner
  4. Enter the information for the envelope number and the person assigned.
  5. Delete the old envelope number

This action will not cause any previous contributions to be deleted or removed from the association of an individual. 






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  • Is there a way to see the envelope number on the individual's Profile page? We have a field labelled 'Envelope Number' that we added to the Profile page, but I noticed it is not pulling in the actual Envelope number assigned on the 'Envelopes' page.

  • Hey @office,

    At this time the only way to see who is assigned to what envelope number, is by going to the Envelope Section of the Contributions (Contributions > Envelopes). I hope this helps! 


  • How do I reorder envelope numbers at the beginning of the year?

    Due to deaths or leaving the church, we have numbers that aren't being used. I want to alphabetize and give everyone a new number in January.


  • @office

    Great question! I would suggest doing this by updating the envelope numbers in an Excel document (after you've archived the deceased). This will allow you to properly reorder the numbers at the top of the year! Import Giving Envelopes

    Let us know how we can continue to serve you!

  • Two Questions:

    1.  We put out new numbered offering envelopes in December each year.  Numbers change, of course, from year to year based on death, church membership, etc.  I read, above in another question, how to change numbers, but do I have to wait until January 1 to upload those to your site or is there a way to set start and end dates on envelope numbers?

    2.  I really haven't done much with contributions on the Breeze site, so this may become clear in January when we start using your system for giving, but how do we put in "loose offerings"?  We had this set up as a numbered giver in old CHMS, and wasn't sure if I need to do so moving forward.


  • @kjohnson

    1. There is not a way to set start and end dates for Envelope numbers. In order to keep from making a mistake, I would wait until the top of the year to import this information!

    2. There is a way to input "anonymous" donations. Simply make this designation as you are inputting the gift! 


    If there's anything else that we can do to serve you, please don't hesitate to let us know!

  • One of our members died in 2019.  I have tried to reassign her envelope number to another member in 2020 but I keep getting the error message that the number is assigned to someone else.  Looking at the deceased member's church info, the area for envelope number is blank and the number does not show up on our list of envelopes.  How can I give this envelope number to a living member?

  • Hey @RNWenzel!

    This is a great question! You can reuse an envelope number once it has been deleted from one person, assigning it to a new person. With this error message appearing, we'd like to help troubleshoot the disconnect for you. Would you mind to send this information via email to our Support Team with member information: 1. Member name who passed away, 2. The member who needs the envelope 3. Account information.

    We look forward to serving you.




  • Envelope numbers are not showing up on the report. For example, I download from Securegive into Breeze.  You have to have an envelope # to do that, but when I go to the report, only some of the #'s are there why is that?

  • Hi @gsousa!

    It sounds like we have a lot to look into here! Be looking for an email from me soon so we can look into this situation further!


  • We assign "permanent" envelope numbers, but when we're not sure someone who made a contribution will be a regular attendee or we when we know definitely the person was just visiting and will not become a member, we assign them a "temporary" envelope number based on this format: YEAR.xxx, where xxx is incremented for each new such person during the year.  For example, the first such person this year would have been assigned 2021.001.

    This gives us a unique envelope number to identify these people's contributions and generate a year-end contributions report for them, without wastefully assigning a lot of our "permanent" envelope numbers to people who may only use them once or twice.

    Our previous ChMS allowed us to do this, but it looks like Breeze doesn't really recognize and distinguish between envelope numbers that have decimal fractions.  Is that true?  If so, could that be a future enhancement where envelope numbers could have decimal fractional parts? 



  • Hi @fongusa! You are correct in finding that the envelope can only be numbers (and cannot contain letters or symbols).

    My suggestion would be to adapt your church's system to leaving out the decimal (2021.001) and maybe doing 2021001 (no letters or symbols). You're able to achieve the same system, but work within what Breeze can do. Then from there, you can simply do 2021002, 2021003 as you get new givers.

    If you'd like to see letters and symbols included in Envelopes, I would suggest submitting a feature request below: https://support.breezechms.com/hc/en-us/articles/360006602793-Submitting-Feature-Requests 


  • Thanks, Connor, for the suggestion but I had already considered that.  Here's why it's not a great solution for our situation - we have years of contributions history we plan to import into Breeze so that means having to go back and edit all of those past historical records which have envelope numbers with decimal fractions.  It appears to me that Breeze just truncates the decimal fraction and now everyone who had one of these decimal fraction envelope numbers just now get lumped together as if they all had the same envelope number (i.e., "2020.001," "2020.002," "2020.003," etc. all now become just "2020"!)

    Since it does not appear that there is any functional need for these envelopes to have to be whole numbers, it seems to me that a more elegant (and customer-centric) solution would be for Breeze to just make a quick update to change the current Numeric Integer envelope number to be a Text field and put that into production in short order.

    The change would be transparent and immaterial to probably all users because they could still sort and do anything else with a Text envelope number that they would with their original integer-restricted envelope number.  After all, the envelope number is basically just keyed in, viewed, sorted, and printed - no arithmetic operations are performed on the envelop numbers themselves. Users probably wouldn't even have an inkling a change had been made.

    This would give additional flexibility to customers (like us) who need the ability due to our processes without causing hardship on anyone else.  What's not to like about that?

    (And if you don't want to allow full Text with alpha and symbol characters, then at least remove the restriction on having to have Integer-only envelope numbers, please.  Have the application support the customer, not the other way around.  Thanks.)


  • Thanks for the feedback @fongusa! I would recommend letting our Product team know about your idea here by submitting a feature request with the link I posted above. That will ensure that the feedback is heard by the right team as we continue to grow. :) 

    I'm going to pull your request into our Support channel to show you a quick tip here in Excel that could help you with importing in envelope numbers. Look for an email from me soon.