FAQ's on Envelope Numbers

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    Judy Carnell

    I am just in the process of implementing Breeze and I have some questions.  Perhaps a call is the best way to handle this but I thought I would start with my questions here.:

    1.  Envelope numbers - I have entered the 2018 envelope numbers and plan to post contributions from the time of our download to year end so we have one year of financial history in Breeze.  Now I find that the finance team has decided to change envelope numbers for 2019 and going forward.  I'm trying to decide on the best way to handle this.  (Remove the contribution data from 2018 and start over with the new envelope numbers OR go ahead and post the last quarter giving, and then make the envelope number changes for 2019.

    2. We are used to posting in Shepherds Staff and that program gives a spreadsheet format for adding contributions to any of our accounts.  I see that Breeze pulls up the individual and then has drop downs for the various account numbers.  I'm wondering how efficient this is and how to best set up the drop down to be most efficient for the tellers.

    3. I need help with permissions.  To start with, I want to give permission to the tellers to post contributions and to the church secretary to post attendance.

    4.  I'd like to be able to print each member's contact information for them to verify as we get started and then eventually  move to give them access to update their own information.  Can you walk me through this?

    I'll be available all day today at 941-377-9046.


    Judy Carnal

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    Emily W.

    Hi Judy!

    Absolutely! We have reached out via a support email to help with this! Blessings!

    Happy Breezing!

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