Transferring Recurring Donations From Your Old Payment Processor to Breeze

Overview: We get a lot of questions about transferring recurring donations from your old payment processor to Breeze's Online Giving tool.  Because this information is stored within a payment processor, we aren't able to transfer those recurring gifts in. Here are the steps to effectively transfer your recurring donors over to Breeze Online Giving. 

1. Set a Date and Communicate with Your Givers
The first thing we suggest doing in this process is to set a date to end the connection with your old processor. It is best to have overlap the use of your processors for several months to allow a smooth and easy transition for your givers. You should share this cutoff date with your givers, though, as soon as possible.

Send out an email notification to all recurring givers explaining to them why you are switching platforms, and sharing with them the final date that you will be accepting payment with the old processor. In this same email, it's best include a link to your new Breeze Online Giving Page with instructions on how they can establish recurring giving.

It's also nice to include a message of thanks in this email, reminding them that you are thankful for their continued support of your mission.

Note: For easy communication, you could easily add all of these individuals to a Tag in Breeze.

2. Keep Track of Who's Moving
After people begin to establish their recurring giving in Breeze, you need to keep track of that movement and ensure that their old recurring gift has been stopped with your old processor. A simple way to track that movement in Breeze is to remove them from the Tag you created in step one. This will ensure that any additional communication about still needing to move to Breeze will not be sent to individuals who have transferred over.

View and Modify Recurring Donations

We suggest sending an email every week with a reminder to move to the new giving system for all individuals with recurring gifts still attached to your old processor.

3. Final Call
One week before your announced end date with your old processor, we've found it best to personally call each of the individuals that are yet to switch over to Breeze. During this phone call you can reiterate your thanks of support and either walk them through the transfer process over the phone, or even offer to establish the recurring gift for them.

Note: You will need full payment information to establish recurring giving on behalf of an individual and we do not suggest this information be passed via email. This information should be (if shared at all), shared in person or over the phone.

Special Notes:
An important factor is making sure the recurring giver understands how their recurring tithe/gift to the church helps the church continue to reach people for Christ. Some individuals also feel it is important to explain how this switch alleviates a huge administrative task for the office - which would in turn assist in reaching people for Christ.

Even though Stripe is our background processor, if you are transferring from one Stripe account to Breeze, we will not be able to automatically transfer over your recurring donations.  They are separate programs. 

Just in case you get questions on the security of our processor:
Stripe is our back-end provider for Online Giving and handles all transaction security with bank-level security processing, there's more information on Stripe's Security here.

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  • If I'm understanding this correctly, we have to manually verify that all donors move their information from the previous processor to Breeze?  There is not a way to request that information from the previous processor and automate it? 

  • Hey @Derek. You are correct, there is currently no way for Breeze to get the bank account information and credit card numbers from your previous processor and then automate people's recurring giving for them. Donors will have to set up their new gift with Breeze. Now, You may be able to export a list of recurring donors from your previous system and then cross-compare the list with those who have set up in Breeze. I hope this helps! 

  • Is it possible for me to set up the ACH on my end with our donors on the telephone? 

  • Hey @susan, 

    That's a great question.  Anyone can set up an ACH donation with the proper information from the online giving page.  However, there's no way to set that up from within your Breeze account.

    I hope this helps!