Does Breeze support kiosk giving?

Breeze does not currently have a card reader that works directly with it.  However, we do offer integrations with Third-Party Payment Processors where your payments will automatically merge into Breeze. With this method, you could use a swipe system, such as SecureGive and those payments will be recorded in Breeze. 

Alternatively, here are some great videos that show how a church created a super easy Kiosk option.

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  • I'd just like to say that while the above info helped get me started in the direction of exploring kiosk giving it doesn't solve my particular problem. Kiosk Pro seems to be a great way to set up a kiosk for giving, but the problem is in the stand and the ability to swipe credit cards or use a chip reader. I think it would be great for Breeze to have its own integrated software and stands like Q-Giv. I'd buy one in a second. 

  • Just wondering if there is any progress on having a card reader.  Sure would be a plus!  Thanks!

  • Adding our voice to the chorus of folks who would like the credit/debit card swipe option so we could integrate Breeze info more of our functions rather than having to use a different source. 


  • Hey there!

    Thanks for reaching out! At this time as you know that is not a current feature within Breeze but we're happy to think it over. It's a great idea!

    I'll share your idea with the team here. We appreciate your input. I should also mention that due to the number of ideas we get from our subscribers, we're not able to provide further updates about the status of your submission here. I recommend subscribing to our blog to stay updated on future feature releases!

    Don't hesitate if anything else comes up!

  • @bev

    Thanks for checking in! There's still no word on the progress of this, however, keep an eye out for one of our Product Update blogs. 


  • Hi @admin,

    Thanks for chiming in here! We love hearing from our churches on how Breeze can serve them better in the future. If you'd like to submit a formal feature request for kiosk giving through Breeze, you can do so here: Submitting Feature Requests. This will ensure our Product teams sees this and takes it into account for our next development roadmap!